Act now for Palestine!

Whether you will be watching the world cup final or not, go onto your social networking sites and put it on your status’ that you will be watching the game on ITV followed by #BoycottBBC. If you watch eastenders, stop watching that crap too.

Supermarkets – These businesses support Israel. Pester them. Get them to act now! Get on the phone to supermarkets, threaten to boycott.

Here’s something a staff member at one of the biggest tesco stores in Bradford has said… Continue reading Act now for Palestine!

The Palestinian Crisis

Palestine: Land of Lions Not many international disputes have generated as much emotion, anguish and diplomatic gridlock as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Rooted in decades of clashes over religion, borders, and territory. Peace processes have been tantalizingly close on numerous occasions only to be dismantled at the 11th hour. Now the Israelis are biting and will not stop. Innocent Palestinians have been ripped their national identity and … Continue reading The Palestinian Crisis