The Art of Power naps

Power naps Unlike 85% of all mammalian species, humans sleep just once a day. According to medical professionals people in the UK are struggling to get enough sleep which is leaving them tired during the working day. Sleep is restorative and necessary but sometimes we don’t get enough so power naps are recommended.  Power naps can alleviate our so-called sleep deficits, but they can also … Continue reading The Art of Power naps


Survival of the fittest

Survival of the Fittest Darwin has wrote about the ‘Survival of the Fittest’, I’ve realised its not only that, that is necessary. Those who survive, succeed, get ahead or gain victory are those who have a more need, a want and a must coupled with a passionate desire to reach the goal. I drew the above picture to express a little better. Two cars racing to the end. Looking at the … Continue reading Survival of the fittest