WordBrain Answers – All solutions [All Packs]

WordBrain game – All asnwers, solutions and cheats.

Wordbrain is a word puzzle that makes users find words in a grid. This is one challenging game, it starts off easy but gets hard. Below I have listed all the level and the answers. Hopefully all will be accurate and work for all types devices.

There are 35 top levels (or packs) and within each one there are 20 levels.

You can download the game here: Android and Apple

Ant Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Word
Level 2 Answer: Chin
Level 3 Answer: Nose
Level 4 Answer: Spot
Level 5 Answer: Idea
Level 6 Answer: Talk
Level 7 Answer: Clam
Level 8 Answer: Soup
Level 9 Answer: Maze
Level 10 Answer: Duck

Spider Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Oval
Level 2 Answer: Kite
Level 3 Answer: Stop
Level 4 Answer: Goat
Level 5 Answer: Sail
Level 6 Answer: Mast
Level 7 Answer: Path
Level 8 Answer: Cork
Level 9 Answer: Sofa
Level 10 Answer: Sink

Snail Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Slide, Doll
Level 2 Answer: Duck, Kayak
Level 3 Answer: Fan, Cheese
Level 4 Answer: Fly, Pigsty
Level 5 Answer: No, Eyeball
Level 6 Answer: Bed, Candle
Level 7 Answer: Meat, Beard
Level 8 Answer: Face, Lemon
Level 9 Answer: Tennis, Egg
Level 10 Answer: Tin, Castle
Level 11 Answer: Book, Elbow
Level 12 Answer: Snail, Skis
Level 13 Answer: Puzzle, Jam
Level 14 Answer: File, Mince
Level 15 Answer: Target, Tug
Level 16 Answer: Carrot, Odd
Level 17 Answer: Sock, Petal
Level 18 Answer: Thin, Wheel
Level 19 Answer: Paddle, Gun
Level 20 Answer: Cart, Happy

Crab Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Roof, Field
Level 2 Answer: Spot, Screw
Level 3 Answer: Dog, Shovel
Level 4 Answer: South, Card
Level 5 Answer: Melon, Well
Level 6 Answer: Spinach, Tv
Level 7 Answer: Skull, Tent
Level 8 Answer: Sun, Waffle
Level 9 Answer: Hoe, Square
Level 10 Answer: Edge, Cheek
Level 11 Answer: Tent, Smoke
Level 12 Answer: Moss, Bread
Level 13 Answer: Bag, Trophy
Level 14 Answer: Roof, Olive
Level 15 Answer: Fork, Noose
Level 16 Answer: Talk, Dress
Level 17 Answer: Shout, Fish
Level 18 Answer: Sail, Chair
Level 19 Answer: Tooth, Rope
Level 20 Answer: Rabbit, Oar

Frog Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Barn, Slide
Level 2 Answer: Fish, Socks
Level 3 Answer: Fly, Sickle
Level 4 Answer: Left, Japan
Level 5 Answer: Eat, Candle
Level 6 Answer: Nail, Cream
Level 7 Answer: Gun, Castle
Level 8 Answer: Well, Grass
Level 9 Answer: Ruler, Fish
Level 10 Answer: Skull, Sock
Level 11 Answer: Smoke, Palm
Level 12 Answer: Thick, Bite
Level 13 Answer: Kite, Ghost
Level 14 Answer: Smoke, Shin
Level 15 Answer: Piano, Raft
Level 16 Answer: Fork, Large
Level 17 Answer: Cart, Trunk
Level 18 Answer: Wing, Earth
Level 19 Answer: Large, Bolt
Level 20 Answer: Skull, Male

Turtle Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Heart, Dice
Level 2 Answer: Fish, Beard
Level 3 Answer: Candle, Fan
Level 4 Answer: Box, Barrel
Level 5 Answer: Dice, Empty
Level 6 Answer: South, Lamp
Level 7 Answer: Mince, Mail
Level 8 Answer: Bell, Straw
Level 9 Answer: Doctor, Elk
Level 10 Answer: Tail, Mince
Level 11 Answer: Mouth, Cart
Level 12 Answer: Yacht, Shin
Level 13 Answer: Milk, Beard
Level 14 Answer: Peach, Dart
Level 15 Answer: Dart, Onion
Level 16 Answer: Soap, Knife
Level 17 Answer: Nail, Elbow
Level 18 Answer: Steak, Comb
Level 19 Answer: Swan, Angle
Level 20 Answer: Stairs, Jug

Penguin Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Table, Record, North
Level 2 Answer: Cupboard, Oval, Roof
Level 3 Answer: Lantern, Ask, Barrel
Level 4 Answer: Sheep, Earth, Pencil
Level 5 Answer: Celery, Thick, Slide
Level 6 Answer: Tongue, Mirror, Crow
Level 7 Answer: Trophy, Nurse, Melon
Level 8 Answer: Butter, Bacon, Drink
Level 9 Answer: Meat, Sheep, Bat, Card
Level 10 Answer: Bag, Nut, Dream, Cabin
Level 11 Answer: Gloves, Bag, Keyring
Level 12 Answer: Goat, Bullet, Orange
Level 13 Answer: Hatchet, Nut, Stilts
Level 14 Answer: Flag, Neck, Starfish
Level 15 Answer: Switch, Drink, Piano
Level 16 Answer: Tricycle, Trombone
Level 17 Answer: Roof, Empty, Jump, Tin
Level 18 Answer: Card, Necktie, Spray
Level 19 Answer: Saw, Hen, Crow, Finger
Level 20 Answer: Scissors, Wink, Heel

Snake Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Elk, Cow, Petal, Music
Level 2 Answer: Boot, Mince, Dentist
Level 3 Answer: Castle, Cap, Padlock
Level 4 Answer: Skirt, Sickle, Sugar
Level 5 Answer: Bedroom, Ham, Aerial
Level 6 Answer: Ham, Stop, Belt, Brick
Level 7 Answer: Medal, Skirt, Icicle
Level 8 Answer: Honey, Balls, Cannon
Level 9 Answer: Lamp, Blow, Peas, Maze
Level 10 Answer: Necklace, Dynamite
Level 11 Answer: Launch, Brick, Socks
Level 12 Answer: Rabbit, Moon, Stairs
Level 13 Answer: Sheriff, Axe, Bottle
Level 14 Answer: Shoelace, Ghost, Cup
Level 15 Answer: Rocket, Plate, Smoke
Level 16 Answer: Rabbit, Dress, Tooth
Level 17 Answer: Negative, Arm, Eagle
Level 18 Answer: Hat, Witch, Tricycle
Level 19 Answer: Broom, Picture, Crow
Level 20 Answer: Balloon, Large, Tall

Rat Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Doorbell, Small, Sun
Level 2 Answer: Edge, Triplets, Cake
Level 3 Answer: Bullet, Magnet, Golf
Level 4 Answer: Igloo, Plane, Onions
Level 5 Answer: Path, Swan, Book, Wing
Level 6 Answer: Brush, Trombone, Cap
Level 7 Answer: Skull, Cheek, Profit
Level 8 Answer: Trombone, Flagpole
Level 9 Answer: Tomato, Ghost, Glass
Level 10 Answer: Moth, Sheep, Lip, Down
Level 11 Answer: Piano, Full, Percent
Level 12 Answer: Envelope, Tug, Robot
Level 13 Answer: Crown, Window, Angle
Level 14 Answer: Fang, Think, Cube, Egg
Level 15 Answer: Bullet, Well, Profit
Level 16 Answer: Trousers, Upstairs
Level 17 Answer: Birthday, Necklace
Level 18 Answer: Bed, Witch, Edge, Pear
Level 19 Answer: Block, Brick, Helmet
Level 20 Answer: Snail, Divide, Cabin

Sheep Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Jam, Cannon, Percent
Level 2 Answer: Cemetery, Goldfish
Level 3 Answer: Jam, Boot, Trowel, Tin
Level 4 Answer: Mouse, Butter, Spoon
Level 5 Answer: Timber, Tv, Oar, Twins
Level 6 Answer: Screw, Twins, Rabbit
Level 7 Answer: Barbell, Tepee, Moth
Level 8 Answer: Meat, Sheriff, Boots
Level 9 Answer: Haystack, Root, Talk
Level 10 Answer: Bullet, Sock, Bottle
Level 11 Answer: Aerial, Bag, Tv, Shoes
Level 12 Answer: Anchor, Scooter, Elk
Level 13 Answer: Cap, Record, Chimney
Level 14 Answer: Scooter, Mince, Edge
Level 15 Answer: Smell, Biscuit, Crab
Level 16 Answer: Small, Camera, Skirt
Level 17 Answer: Ruler, Bullet, Onion
Level 18 Answer: Block, Volcano, Boot
Level 19 Answer: Kitten, Puzzle, Barn
Level 20 Answer: Cheese, Axe, Keyring

Shark Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Lapel, Bathroom, Bat
Level 2 Answer: Pumpkin, Sugar, Soup
Level 3 Answer: Tail, Doorbell, Bald
Level 4 Answer: Bullet, Onion, Heart
Level 5 Answer: Nail, Patient, Peach
Level 6 Answer: Oval, Tongue, Pencil
Level 7 Answer: Duck, Elevator, Crab
Level 8 Answer: Bomb, Fly, Boot, Snail
Level 9 Answer: Infinity, Birthday
Level 10 Answer: Palm, Drink, Rope, Bed
Level 11 Answer: Heart, Ruler, Record
Level 12 Answer: Floor, Buckle, Skull
Level 13 Answer: Coconut, Loop, Canoe
Level 14 Answer: Tent, Mailbox, Bacon
Level 15 Answer: Steak, Patient, Fork
Level 16 Answer: Collar, Dress, Cheek
Level 17 Answer: Trunk, Rocket, Ghost
Level 18 Answer: Eagle, Pencil, Think
Level 19 Answer: Snowman, Path, Cabin
Level 20 Answer: Music, Toilet, Punch

Cat Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Magnet, Egg, Pumpkin
Level 2 Answer: Period, Spray, Medal
Level 3 Answer: Sofa, Barrel, Tv, Deep
Level 4 Answer: Chimney, Stripe, Box
Level 5 Answer: Straw, Key, Steak, Pie
Level 6 Answer: Pirate, Cabbage, Sad
Level 7 Answer: Collar, Paint, Nurse
Level 8 Answer: Label, Eagle, Cactus
Level 9 Answer: Crab, Down, Slippers
Level 10 Answer: Medicine, Football
Level 11 Answer: Bullet, Ladder, Blow
Level 12 Answer: Straw, Screw, Pirate
Level 13 Answer: Bee, Porridge, Peace
Level 14 Answer: Timber, Turtle, Swan
Level 15 Answer: Nail, Pen, Barrel, Cap
Level 16 Answer: Pliers, Lip, Mittens
Level 17 Answer: Dice, Chair, Mail, Owl
Level 18 Answer: Owl, Gap, Shirt, Yacht
Level 19 Answer: Shorts, Field, Olive
Level 20 Answer: Happy, Rocket, Scarf

Elephant Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Patch, Ask, Fan, Bathroom, Stripe
Level 2 Answer: Raincoat, Smoke, Lollipop, Fang
Level 3 Answer: Umbrella, Fan, House, Male, Balls
Level 4 Answer: Field, Crow, Bow, Doorbell, Horse
Level 5 Answer: Trophy, Balloon, Honey, Egg, Sing
Level 6 Answer: Woodpile, Buckle, Painter, Hook
Level 7 Answer: Scale, Fruit, Book, Slippers, Egg
Level 8 Answer: Fence, Timber, Handball, Gloves
Level 9 Answer: Edge, Joker, Tug, Trunk, Infinity
Level 10 Answer: Slippers, Period, Olive, Bullet
Level 11 Answer: Elk, Percent, Cane, Cabbage, Wing
Level 12 Answer: Stop, Bedroom, Vampire, Vitamin
Level 13 Answer: Deep, Hatchet, Socks, Moth, Earth
Level 14 Answer: Belt, Sword, Board, Banana, Noose
Level 15 Answer: No, Pigsty, Iron, Pancake, Poison
Level 16 Answer: Book, Bag, Oval, Box, Bolt, Log, Fold
Level 17 Answer: Patient, Cyclops, Bullet, Purse
Level 18 Answer: Mouse, Sugar, Tie, Dustbin, Ruler
Level 19 Answer: Headband, Camera, Hatchet, Shin
Level 20 Answer: Toilet, Dinosaur, Earring, Wolf

Whale Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Igloo, Paddle, Game, Odd, Fork, Log
Level 2 Answer: Large, Toaster, Stairs, Cabbage
Level 3 Answer: Vampire, Period, Faucet, Trophy
Level 4 Answer: Moss, Pyramid, Doghouse, Cannon
Level 5 Answer: Toilet, Panda, Feather, Spinach
Level 6 Answer: Steak, Mail, Thumb, Lamp, Coconut
Level 7 Answer: Rope, Stereo, Whale, Female, Cube
Level 8 Answer: Padlock, Mail, Palm, Arm, Sandpit
Level 9 Answer: Spinach, Lighter, Hoe, Honey, Owl
Level 10 Answer: Panties, Plum, Center, Medicine
Level 11 Answer: Headband, Idea, Stilts, Pumpkin
Level 12 Answer: Gap, Collar, Window, Axe, Dustbin
Level 13 Answer: Bag, Lapel, Eat, Football, Mirror
Level 14 Answer: Pump, Eskimo, Kitchen, Left, Dart
Level 15 Answer: Feather, Pirate, Trombone, Hook
Level 16 Answer: Pie, Drill, Stripe, Key, Triplets
Level 17 Answer: Aerial, South, Pulltab, Painter
Level 18 Answer: Stop, Mosquito, Tooth, Goldfish
Level 19 Answer: Nut, Blouse, Window, Wing, String
Level 20 Answer: Cyclops, Cactus, No, Chin, Trowel

Octopus Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Mouse, Divide, Trophy, Shoelace
Level 2 Answer: Pencil, Sail, Tv, Handball, Sword
Level 3 Answer: Idea, Cup, Ghost, Earth, Mushroom
Level 4 Answer: Dominoes, Dream, Palm, Envelope
Level 5 Answer: Well, Profit, Lighter, Elevator
Level 6 Answer: Straw, Listen, Happy, Golf, Melon
Level 7 Answer: Bomb, Dustbin, Noose, Balls, Wing
Level 8 Answer: Dustbin, Postcard, Planet, Down
Level 9 Answer: Kick, Biscuit, Idea, Lemon, Spoon
Level 10 Answer: Ruler, Toilet, Trousers, Gloves
Level 11 Answer: Punch, Saw, Tent, Upstairs, Money
Level 12 Answer: Blouse, Dress, Shin, Socks, Drill
Level 13 Answer: Marble, Necklace, Mail, Whisper
Level 14 Answer: Knee, Lemon, Envelope, Lollipop
Level 15 Answer: Tv, Pie, Boot, Beard, Eye, Triplets
Level 16 Answer: Necktie, Down, Vertical, Rabbit
Level 17 Answer: Slippers, Sock, Sheep, Glass, Cup
Level 18 Answer: Missile, Doctor, Sad, Comb, Right
Level 19 Answer: Bone, Elbow, Upstairs, Mosquito
Level 20 Answer: Raincoat, Up, String, Dog, Finger

Pig Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: AskBone, Question, Peas, Finger
Level 2 Answer: Mince, Shirt, Onions, Onion, Game
Level 3 Answer: Infinity, Shoelace, Gap, Planet
Level 4 Answer: Knuckle, Full, Bread, Laugh, Crow
Level 5 Answer: Kite, Mushroom, Bite, Sing, Right
Level 6 Answer: Switch, Square, Floor, Gun, Shout
Level 7 Answer: Gloves, Down, Sandpit, Moon, Bald
Level 8 Answer: Salt, Fin, Shield, Kick, Duckling
Level 9 Answer: Canoe, Vertical, Boot, Ham, Cabin
Level 10 Answer: Plane, Earth, Negative, Surgery
Level 11 Answer: Mailbox, Think, Left, Silo, Label
Level 12 Answer: Shovel, Sun, Cufflink, Mountain
Level 13 Answer: Stinger, Lens, Robot, Chin, Paint
Level 14 Answer: Moss, Snowman, Bottle, Hoe, Drink
Level 15 Answer: Scarf, Pen, Stinger, Helmet, Sofa
Level 16 Answer: Male, Cart, Missile, Clam, String
Level 17 Answer: Square, String, Elephant, Twins
Level 18 Answer: Overbite, Anchor, Nut, Safe, Idea
Level 19 Answer: Tent, Elk, Lemon, Dynamite, Cheek
Level 20 Answer: Stinger, Question, Left, Butter

Lion Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Lantern, Padlock, Empty, Period
Level 2 Answer: Collar, Sugar, Fang, Flower, Maze
Level 3 Answer: Straw, Smell, Clam, Camera, Balls
Level 4 Answer: Safe, Moon, Shovel, Record, Thick
Level 5 Answer: Kite, Windmill, Bald, Shark, Wolf
Level 6 Answer: Chin, Ball, Feather, Mouth, Money
Level 7 Answer: Tweezers, Corner, Egg, Full, Safe
Level 8 Answer: Pigsty, Nose, Lorry, Stern, Sword
Level 9 Answer: Fruit, Tweezers, File, Flagpole
Level 10 Answer: Turtle, Edge, Dentist, Medicine
Level 11 Answer: Drink, Beetroot, Right, Painter
Level 12 Answer: Scales, Robot, Mince, Eye, Pigsty
Level 13 Answer: Petal, Cannon, Sign, Pig, Antenna
Level 14 Answer: Eskimo, Pyramid, Palm, Gun, Slide
Level 15 Answer: Question, Broom, Surgery, Block
Level 16 Answer: Raft, Earring, Bolt, Timber, Kite
Level 17 Answer: Sword, Noose, Sickle, Belt, Block
Level 18 Answer: Pear, Milk, Rooster, Drip, Paddle
Level 19 Answer: Cherry, Cheek, Sail, Plate, Balls
Level 20 Answer: Doorbell, Up, Edge, Broom, Muscle

Squirrel Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Lawn, Key, Shirt, Meat, Tail, Glass
Level 2 Answer: Surgery, Shark, Horse, Bite, Wink
Level 3 Answer: North, Pump, Multiply, Goldfish
Level 4 Answer: Up, Picture, Eraser, Flag, Toilet
Level 5 Answer: Trophy, Raincoat, Castle, Sheep
Level 6 Answer: Vertical, Beard, Silo, Milk, Dice
Level 7 Answer: Crow, Beetroot, Triplets, Honey
Level 8 Answer: Paddle, Barrel, Necklace, Smell
Level 9 Answer: Sheriff, Bacon, Small, Cork, Game
Level 10 Answer: Fold, Cufflink, Cashier, Corner
Level 11 Answer: Saw, Helmet, Mince, Horse, Meadow
Level 12 Answer: Shark, Paddle, Knuckle, Bedroom
Level 13 Answer: Honey, House, Male, Golf, Hen, Milk
Level 14 Answer: Bolt, Onion, Haystack, Jug, Broom
Level 15 Answer: Cucumber, Mince, Tongue, Pencil
Level 16 Answer: Raincoat, Bed, Golf, Mirror, Cake
Level 17 Answer: Barn, Elbow, Mushroom, Beetroot
Level 18 Answer: Fruit, Overbite, Deep, Flagpole
Level 19 Answer: Onion, Silo, Moth, Pancake, Fence
Level 20 Answer: Roof, Petal, Medal, Smile, Eskimo

Owl Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Butter, Iceberg, Shower, Lighter, Large, Brick
Level 2 Answer: Milk, Flower, Pipe, Dog, Thin, Customer, Panties
Level 3 Answer: Pirate, Straw, Ask, Arrow, Scooter, Lawn, Faucet
Level 4 Answer: Petal, Crow, Gun, Mountain, Hoe, Scissors, Slide
Level 5 Answer: Salt, Pump, Milk, Crown, Jug, Think, Bullet, Witch
Level 6 Answer: Knee, Missile, Divide, Socks, Iceberg, Mittens
Level 7 Answer: Mailbox, Clown, Keyhole, Sink, Melon, Envelope
Level 8 Answer: Ladder, Unicycle, Pepper, Crack, Angle, Cherry
Level 9 Answer: Stilts, Maze, Jam, Bacon, Postcard, Slide, Sheep
Level 10 Answer: Camera, Jar, Sail, Scissors, Wide, Tennis, Japan
Level 11 Answer: Carrot, Dentist, Lapel, Blouse, Large, Cyclops
Level 12 Answer: Scissors, Dinosaur, Thumb, Doll, Sheep, Saucer
Level 13 Answer: Neck, Upstairs, Fork, Right, Egg, Earth, Vampire
Level 14 Answer: Bald, Rabbit, Smile, Tie, Suitcase, Knife, Ruler
Level 15 Answer: Listen, Fin, Gap, Tooth, Handball, Female, Plane
Level 16 Answer: Ball, Coconut, Kite, Sword, Lorry, Compass, Lawn
Level 17 Answer: Empty, Onion, Peace, Bat, Dream, Trunk, Saucepan
Level 18 Answer: Shout, Blow, Female, Middle, Shallow, Pie, Petal
Level 19 Answer: Cufflink, Down, Shower, Wing, Mushroom, Stripe
Level 20 Answer: Maze, Loop, House, Flag, Left, Soup, Blow, Picture

Monkey Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Crab, Padlock, Turtle, South, Unicycle, String
Level 2 Answer: Cufflink, Straw, Toilet, Knife, Mushroom, Heel
Level 3 Answer: Scales, Tv, File, Sword, Volcano, Whale, Stinger
Level 4 Answer: Launch, Stereo, Whisper, Stilts, Square, Mouse
Level 5 Answer: Cream, Peach, Target, Sofa, Spinach, Empty, Skis
Level 6 Answer: Shoes, Peace, Wheel, Slide, Church, Smile, Scarf
Level 7 Answer: Eskimo, Onions, Shallow, Rope, Sheep, Bathroom
Level 8 Answer: Drip, Piano, Tail, Japan, Bread, Cannon, Butcher
Level 9 Answer: Ferry, Laugh, Fold, Mirror, Duckling, Birthday
Level 10 Answer: Bald, Edge, Witch, Stripe, Postcard, Ruler, Palm
Level 11 Answer: Twins, Milk, Egg, Eraser, Fruit, Pirate, Bite, Fly
Level 12 Answer: Wink, Doctor, Tongue, Anvil, Laugh, Keyring, Dog
Level 13 Answer: Duckling, Igloo, Shout, Ruler, Edge, Gap, Period
Level 14 Answer: Brush, Cheek, Bottle, Piano, Plate, Ferry, Rifle
Level 15 Answer: Soup, Mountain, Sail, Mast, Jacket, Plum, Shower
Level 16 Answer: Cemetery, Postcard, Lens, Pillar, Record, Sing
Level 17 Answer: Umbrella, Dustbin, Big, Pancake, Overlap, Tent
Level 18 Answer: Cookie, Milk, Football, Monkey, Shin, Bathroom
Level 19 Answer: Lemon, Pliers, Magnet, Saw, Broom, Eat, Glue, Sock
Level 20 Answer: Tennis, Kitten, Chainsaw, Rocket, Ship, Puzzle

Student Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Teapot, Icicle, Mirror, String, Shoulder, Dice
Level 2 Answer: Question, Purse, Yacht, Ladder, Jar, Crack, Sofa
Level 3 Answer: Kite, Shorts, Iceberg, Kick, Pig, Waffle, Orange
Level 4 Answer: Crown, Potato, Tail, Slippers, Wink, Poison, Tin
Level 5 Answer: Fruit, Crab, Bullet, Dominoes, Pencil, Pulltab
Level 6 Answer: Goat, Chain, Ladder, Icicle, Milk, Shout, Banana
Level 7 Answer: Ship, Customer, Nightie, Knee, Icicle, Surgery
Level 8 Answer: Sausage, Flagpole, Doorbell, Idea, Path, Thick
Level 9 Answer: Robot, Napkin, Switch, Teardrop, Muscle, Mouth
Level 10 Answer: Monster, Ruler, Tongue, Orange, Earring, Trunk
Level 11 Answer: Glass, Sandpit, Tomato, Left, Umbrella, Tie, Gap
Level 12 Answer: Small, Dustbin, Shower, Scarf, Think, Shoulder
Level 13 Answer: Envelope, Shallow, Salt, Ladybug, Raft, Window
Level 14 Answer: Tug, Kitten, Lens, Peach, Crab, Pyramid, Whisper
Level 15 Answer: Boots, Tomato, Lantern, Shout, Divide, Pumpkin
Level 16 Answer: Haystack, Box, Yacht, Toaster, Padlock, Saddle
Level 17 Answer: Bald, Spray, Sawdust, Ghost, Bedroom, Elevator
Level 18 Answer: Neck, Shield, Lighter, Chain, Buckle, Moth, Barn
Level 19 Answer: Teardrop, Whisper, Chair, Empty, Wink, Vampire
Level 20 Answer: Cookie, Palm, Wink, Plum, Sandpit, Poison, Globe

Clown Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Toaster, Zipper, Honey, Stripe, Tie, Biscuit, No
Level 2 Answer: Heart, Eat, Bald, Odd, Slippers, Chain, Swing, Nut
Level 3 Answer: Fan, Fruit, Door, Grenade, Ladybug, Lamp, Barrel
Level 4 Answer: Iron, Brick, Doorbell, Horse, Bag, Female, Arrow
Level 5 Answer: Soup, Apple, Bedroom, Eyeball, Rocket, Knuckle
Level 6 Answer: Panda, Bald, Safe, Upstairs, Ask, Dentist, Paint
Level 7 Answer: Celery, Tie, Door, think, Tail, Umbrella, Tomato
Level 8 Answer: Wolf, Stairs, Fang, Steak, Hook, Igloo, Bow, Witch
Level 9 Answer: Sofa, Olive, Pipe, Swan, Sausage, Patient, Happy
Level 10 Answer: Root, Moon, Candle, Lighter, Butter, Stop, Medal
Level 11 Answer: Cart, Cupboard, Eat, Cane, Swing, Grenade, Right
Level 12 Answer: Panties, Stop, Soap, Scooter, Toaster, Hat, Cane
Level 13 Answer: Moon, Jam, Lamp, Jug, Dominoes, Percent, Picture
Level 14 Answer: Earring, Prism, Medicine, Haystack, Beetroot
Level 15 Answer: Mirror, Cyclops, Infinity, Pancake, Football
Level 16 Answer: Beard, Turkey, Dustbin, Think, Fan, Thin, Anchor
Level 17 Answer: Lighter, Witch, Rifle, Porridge, Gloves, Drill
Level 18 Answer: Bedroom, Pumpkin, Shout, Ruler, Lava, Chair, Jar
Level 19 Answer: Lens, Chair, Spray, Milk, Melon, Crown, Umbrella
Level 20 Answer: Earth, Record, Piano, Trousers, Lemon, Hook, Tie

Waiter Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Mittens, Center, Hatchet, Fold, Ball, Pie, Sugar
Level 2 Answer: Overlap, Necklace, Compass, Elevator, Corner
Level 3 Answer: Peace, Knife, Trousers, Cashier, Box, Nose, Spot
Level 4 Answer: Doghouse, Negative, Hook, Ship, Dentist, Thumb
Level 5 Answer: Ghost, Cube, Hoe, Puzzle, Scales, Straw, Cashier
Level 6 Answer: Book, Camera, Petal, Log, Scale, Customer, Grass
Level 7 Answer: Necktie, Kick, Pulltab, Lemon, Pancake, Mirror
Level 8 Answer: Arm, Ham, Wink, Patient, Money, Grapes, Question
Level 9 Answer: Lapel, Money, Arrow, Full, Mail, Thin, Onions, Box
Level 10 Answer: Cheek, Dream, Stilts, Percent, Football, Swing
Level 11 Answer: Thick, Shallow, Pillar, Napkin, Postcard, Swan
Level 12 Answer: Pumpkin, Lamp, Bolt, Spinach, Tweezers, Trowel
Level 13 Answer: Pepper, Bell, Umbrella, South, Dentist, Pliers
Level 14 Answer: Elbow, Chin, Rifle, Wink, Fork, Odd, Purse, Sun, Pie
Level 15 Answer: Grenade, Mince, Knuckle, Ask, Shield, Boot, Root
Level 16 Answer: Slide, Plate, Cabbage, Oval, Wolf, Mince, Paddle
Level 17 Answer: Well, Sugar, Wink, Jump, Lantern, Tooth, Necktie
Level 18 Answer: Bald, Suitcase, Door, Sword, Floor, Scar, Shower
Level 19 Answer: Money, Necktie, Globe, Sail, Oval, Icicle, Scarf
Level 20 Answer: Rocket, Milk, Paint, Tennis, Negative, Hatchet

Policeman Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Picture, Bedroom, Bacon, Collar, Face, Shallow
Level 2 Answer: Dice, Medicine, Box, Bottle, Haystack, Beehive
Level 3 Answer: Mailbox, Chicken, Twins, Clown, Grapes, Cereal
Level 4 Answer: Mince, Fruit, Happy, Kitchen, Poison, Doorbell
Level 5 Answer: Cabbage, Pear, Lamp, Joker, Robot, Balloon, Cart
Level 6 Answer: Rocket, Cashier, Monster, Bomb, Teapot, Divide
Level 7 Answer: Smoke, Corner, Duck, Nail, Straw, Field, Lantern
Level 8 Answer: Slippers, Vampire, Suitcase, Ask, Root, Toilet
Level 9 Answer: Cupboard, Mince, Root, Brush, Milk, Lapel, Drink
Level 10 Answer: Shirt, Tin, Large, Shoelace, Idea, Muscle, Melon
Level 11 Answer: Chainsaw, Eyeball, Dinosaur, Apple, Hoe, Whale
Level 12 Answer: Melon, Vitamin, Talk, Mushroom, Trombone, Cake
Level 13 Answer: Gap, Unicycle, Silo, Spinach, Period, Mail, Stop
Level 14 Answer: Gun, Plane, Swan, Rifle, Porridge, Wing, Dentist
Level 15 Answer: Crow, Stereo, Bee, Heel, Stern, Scale, Fist, Fence
Level 16 Answer: Monkey, Butter, Carrot, Stereo, Lens, Drip, Path
Level 17 Answer: Scooter, Chair, Corner, Empty, Igloo, Mosquito
Level 18 Answer: Maze, Corn, Stripe, Diagonal, Period, Beetroot
Level 19 Answer: Cufflink, Saw, Kite, Grenade, Jump, Shout, Cheek
Level 20 Answer: Pyramid, Fence, Heart, Muscle, Rope, Think, Cart

Chef Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Sink, Paddle, Hammer, Jump, Pigsty, Heel, Switch
Level 2 Answer: Patch, Iron, Plum, Ship, Door, Sheriff, No, Meadow
Level 3 Answer: Grapes, Sock, Napkin, Jacket, Nurse, Stripe, Gap
Level 4 Answer: Dominoes, Wink, Coconut, Meat, Duck, Shark, Down
Level 5 Answer: Smile, Padlock, Mailbox, Fence, Gloves, Buckle
Level 6 Answer: Dice, Path, Switch, Duck, Mountain, Odd, Necktie
Level 7 Answer: Shovel, Gap, Face, Clam, Silo, tv, Teardrop, Fruit
Level 8 Answer: Magnet, Eyeball, Meadow, Knife, Butcher, Shark
Level 9 Answer: Socks, Mosquito, Smoke, Trowel, Crab, Spot, Bald
Level 10 Answer: Barrel, Oar, Target, Scale, Question, Anvil, Lip
Level 11 Answer: Cube, Trowel, Window, Panties, Comb, Drip, Wheel
Level 12 Answer: Mushroom, Napkin, Grenade, House, Plane, Panda
Level 13 Answer: Fence, Bread, Horse, Arm, Kitchen, Multiply, Sad
Level 14 Answer: Whistle, Necktie, Keyhole, Steak, Thumb, North
Level 15 Answer: Doghouse, Lip, Picture, Whale, Collar, Beehive
Level 16 Answer: Peach, Tie, Crow, Birthday, Elbow, Kitchen, Barn
Level 17 Answer: Rifle, Shield, Scissors, Castle, Painter, Neck
Level 18 Answer: Helmet, Chainsaw, Bite, Meadow, Elephant, Oval
Level 19 Answer: Butcher, Crow, Deep, Lawn, Duck, Bee, Shirt, Clown
Level 20 Answer: Spoon, Shoelace, Golf, Wide, Compass, Lawn, Peas

Teacher Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Monster, Mast, Raincoat, Heel, Infinity, Cream, Envelope, Skirt
Level 2 Answer: Teardrop, Female, Panda, Handball, Steak, Nightie, Shovel, Pear
Level 3 Answer: Lemon, Clown, Tv, Barrel, Cyclops, Hook, Sawdust, Elevator, Lorry
Level 4 Answer: Tie, Cereal, Face, Chicken, Barrel, Chair, Medal, Mast, Cane, Kayak
Level 5 Answer: Silo, Mince, Overbite, Cup, Jump, Whale, Sail, Trombone, Thumb, Jam
Level 6 Answer: Saucer, Pyramid, Stern, Earth, Scale, Mouth, Tall, Owl, Cabin, Comb
Level 7 Answer: Necklace, Dart, Plate, Elephant, Eraser, Egg, Suitcase, Whistle
Level 8 Answer: Cup, Scar, Thick, Ruler, Football, Fly, Roof, Scale, Pulltab, Shout
Level 9 Answer: Chin, Petal, Carrot, Headband, Down, Flagpole, Cufflink, Cheese
Level 10 Answer: Butter, Anchor, Arm, Saddle, Smile, Blouse, Scarf, Stripe, Period
Level 11 Answer: Toaster, House, Laugh, Owl, Window, Anvil, Flower, Sword, Monster
Level 12 Answer: Pencil, Rifle, Tug, Sugar, Angle, Kite, Barbell, Bomb, Sickle, Root
Level 13 Answer: Sad, Prism, Bacon, Heart, Swan, Cheese, Grenade, Safe, Dress, Spray
Level 14 Answer: Bacon, Flag, Brick, Slippers, Jam, Cashier, Wing, Elephant, Ghost
Level 15 Answer: Book, Pepper, Sink, Cookie, Hen, Dentist, Church, Smile, Suitcase
Level 16 Answer: Necklace, Rifle, Owl, Necktie, Path, North, Dinosaur, Ruler, Bell
Level 17 Answer: Doorbell, Deep, Buckle, Crown, Soap, Pump, Knuckle, Painter, Dice
Level 18 Answer: Sofa, Honey, Barbell, Boot, Plum, Cookie, Center, Pumpkin, Pencil
Level 19 Answer: Shower, Handball, Turtle, Trowel, Tail, Swing, Icicle, Vertical
Level 20 Answer: Idea, Dominoes, Keyhole, Stereo, Surgery, Large, Arrow, Coconut

Doctor Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Palm, Nose, Bacon, Waffle, Wing, Duckling, Full, Mountain, Rocket
Level 2 Answer: Dice, Tooth, Handball, Wheel, Bed, Plum, Doorbell, Umbrella, Shin
Level 3 Answer: Haystack, Tennis, Tug, Punch, Saw, Stern, Window, Jacket, Surgery
Level 4 Answer: Compass, Igloo, Football, Trophy, Thin, Gloves, Root, Sign, Sword
Level 5 Answer: Loop, Fish, Swing, Doctor, Overlap, South, Turtle, Drip, Knife, Jar
Level 6 Answer: Tug, Shield, Odd, Sink, Teapot, Barbell, Mouse, Kick, Skis, Vampire
Level 7 Answer: Chainsaw, Lawn, Bedroom, Pancake, Patient, Moss, Neck, Cup, Witch
Level 8 Answer: Scarf, Flagpole, Maze, Teapot, Table, Multiply, Cactus, Kitchen
Level 9 Answer: Root, Flagpole, Bat, Silo, Smile, Eraser, Doghouse, Dream, Paddle
Level 10 Answer: Silo, Talk, Chair, Aerial, Cemetery, Swan, Lorry, Icicle, Necktie
Level 11 Answer: Igloo, Brick, Doorbell, Goat, Butcher, Brush, Wide, Record, South
Level 12 Answer: Duck, Corn, Witch, Cereal, Tepee, Oar, Cat, Block, Jacket, Customer
Level 13 Answer: Pliers, Lapel, Knee, Crown, Saucer, Robot, Talk, Shoelace, Faucet
Level 14 Answer: Boot, Doll, Patient, Pen, Bat, Painter, Skull, Shoes, Kayak, Pigsty
Level 15 Answer: Fist, Cabbage, Haystack, Straw, Jam, Petal, Umbrella, Sugar, Jump
Level 16 Answer: Glass, Mast, Apple, Saucer, Muscle, Left, Ghost, Pie, Bread, Anchor
Level 17 Answer: Trowel, Turtle, File, Shout, Edge, Timber, Church, Middle, Puzzle
Level 18 Answer: Suitcase, Heel, Purse, Loop, Paddle, Cupboard, Mountain, Faucet
Level 19 Answer: Purse, Idea, Carrot, Field, Dart, Onion, Scissors, Smile, Pulltab
Level 20 Answer: Mail, Horse, Bat, Balloon, Helmet, Bee, Monster, File, Safe, Tennis

Astronaut Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Well, Percent, Infinity, Hen, Face, Tie, Cork, Question, Music, Jug
Level 2 Answer: Bedroom, Chin, Bomb, Salute, Hatchet, Path, Bullet, Cherry, Beard
Level 3 Answer: Lorry, Tin, Face, Saucer, Cucumber, Jug, Snowman, Pen, Shoes, Prism
Level 4 Answer: Bell, Gap, Goat, Pulltab, Pumpkin, Sing, String, Talk, Shovel, Soup
Level 5 Answer: Lawn, Sock, Orange, Magnet, Hat, Shoelace, Kitchen, Game, Belt, Sun
Level 6 Answer: Cap, Whisper, Teardrop, Icicle, Balls, Lava, Swan, Shallow, Dream
Level 7 Answer: Dustbin, Gun, Purse, Surgery, Oar, Onions, Shoes, Timber, Compass
Level 8 Answer: Smile, Monster, Collar, Spinach, Punch, Cake, Piano, Loop, Pencil
Level 9 Answer: Middle, Path, Egg, Biscuit, Odd, Sandpit, Bread, Kayak, Comb, Smell
Level 10 Answer: Turtle, Chain, Triplets, Floor, Trousers, Wink, Thin, Laugh, Drip
Level 11 Answer: Stern, Knee, Windmill, Toilet, Cereal, Witch, Cabbage, Pear, Heel
Level 12 Answer: Pipe, Money, Cactus, Question, Wink, Balls, Church, Arrow, Stereo
Level 13 Answer: Napkin, Orange, Twins, Faucet, Clam, Tomato, Eye, Butter, Bedroom
Level 14 Answer: Tall, Snowman, Earth, Mince, Record, Mouse, Collar, Padlock, Down
Level 15 Answer: Tug, Gloves, Skis, Trophy, Duckling, Tv, Planet, Celery, Plane, Cap
Level 16 Answer: Keyring, Percent, Tennis, Earring, Pie, Shovel, Card, Elbow, Sing
Level 17 Answer: Cart, Neck, Buckle, Tennis, Sign, Ferry, Aerial, Bolt, Toilet, Bald
Level 18 Answer: Anchor, Cabin, Raincoat, Lorry, Sock, Floor, Path, Turtle, Tennis
Level 19 Answer: Pumpkin, Golf, Cake, Kick, Record, Female, Idea, Edge, Ship, Eraser
Level 20 Answer: Customer, Scales, Shark, Trunk, Canoe, Spinach, Vitamin, Potato

Scientist Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Jam, Odd, Block, Salute, Yacht, Napkin, Sawdust, Saw, Barrel, House
Level 2 Answer: Flagpole, Right, Woodpile, Eyeball, Lapel, Butter, Lawn, Saw, Fin
Level 3 Answer: Paddle, Heel, Angle, Balls, Bow, Gun, Elbow, Rope, Kitchen, Pear, Fin
Level 4 Answer: Bell, Anchor, Eagle, Customer, Meat, Bedroom, Starfish, Spinach
Level 5 Answer: Angle, Brush, Football, Teardrop, Barrel, Fist, Cufflink, Knife
Level 6 Answer: Male, Bullet, Neck, Moon, Glue, Peace, Rocket, Belt, Purse, Whistle
Level 7 Answer: Duckling, Flagpole, Bag, Cheek, Dominoes, Knife, Bolt, Plate, Log
Level 8 Answer: Tricycle, Sink, Haystack, Porridge, Honey, Plate, Pillar, Cabin
Level 9 Answer: Divide, South, Mittens, Grapes, Cake, Rabbit, Cashier, Shoulder
Level 10 Answer: House, Bathroom, Paddle, Japan, Think, Safe, Cane, Windmill, Lawn
Level 11 Answer: Lemon, Cupboard, Bread, Customer, Magnet, Iron, Drill, Slippers
Level 12 Answer: Profit, Corn, Mail, Carrot, Angle, File, Sing, Bathroom, Unicycle
Level 13 Answer: Overbite, Mailbox, Shin, Tepee, Cupboard, Pumpkin, Skull, Scarf
Level 14 Answer: Napkin, Glue, Necklace, Question, Rocket, Raincoat, Panda, Comb
Level 15 Answer: Barn, Dress, Chain, Lava, Rope, Umbrella, Spoon, Jug, Brush, Faucet
Level 16 Answer: Ball, Kitten, Nail, Knee, Laugh, Blow, Cookie, Chin, Period, Monkey
Level 17 Answer: Hen, Bullet, Cane, Peach, Axe, Balloon, Silo, Sheriff, Beard, Think
Level 18 Answer: Vitamin, Dream, Pipe, Bread, Lapel, Honey, Ball, Hoe, Female, Beard
Level 19 Answer: Anchor, Funnel, Tv, Sandpit, Puzzle, Soap, Mouse, Coconut, Saucer
Level 20 Answer: Salute, Buckle, Football, Saddle, Big, Bell, Boots, Beard, Orange

Alien Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Dynamite, Rabbit, Steak, Path, Cheek, Feather, Trousers, Collar
Level 2 Answer: Elephant, Bomb, Lollipop, Talk, Fence, Igloo, Box, Cyclops, Cabin
Level 3 Answer: Slide, Tall, Middle, Listen, Joker, Eagle, Fish, Peach, Pen, Trowel
Level 4 Answer: Skirt, Trousers, Dinosaur, Question, Bow, Heart, Flagpole, Cube
Level 5 Answer: Skirt, Corner, Soap, Turtle, Scooter, Happy, House, Board, Tongue
Level 6 Answer: Sock, Teapot, Pancake, Think, Maze, Center, Lorry, Olive, Sheriff
Level 7 Answer: Boots, Olive, Missile, Meat, Saw, Clown, Tweezers, Pump, Saucepan
Level 8 Answer: Switch, Jump, Kitten, Stereo, Lemon, Cream, Stern, Kick, Medicine
Level 9 Answer: Mailbox, Punch, Hook, Chain, Scooter, Shirt, Meat, Cherry, Tennis
Level 10 Answer: Bedroom, Elk, Straw, Launch, Cufflink, Noose, Jam, Path, Envelope
Level 11 Answer: Chainsaw, Banana, Ladybug, Book, Stinger, Castle, Think, Flower
Level 12 Answer: Owl, Fence, Socks, Shield, Muscle, Full, Knuckle, Biscuit, Stairs
Level 13 Answer: Mince, Feather, Woodpile, Moon, Pie, Elk, Sofa, Big, Cyclops, Nurse
Level 14 Answer: Moth, Soap, Snorkel, Mince, Ferry, Tree, Bat, Stilts, Bite, Bag, Neck
Level 15 Answer: Neck, Envelope, Cheek, Pigsty, Female, Anchor, Necktie, Ship, Bow
Level 16 Answer: Wolf, Toaster, Moon, Soup, Sheriff, Scooter, Comb, Milk, Golf, Neck
Level 17 Answer: Sail, Picture, Mince, Thick, Elephant, Olive, Cake, Ghost, Saucer
Level 18 Answer: Bat, Elephant, Spot, Castle, Percent, Wing, Tv, Cactus, Aerial, Saw
Level 19 Answer: Tall, Teardrop, Nail, Hatchet, Multiply, Fist, Goldfish, Shovel
Level 20 Answer: Ghost, Ruler, Medicine, Postcard, Target, Shower, Cat, Goat, Bite

Dinosaur Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Pirate, Odd, Canoe, Fan, Earring, Dentist, Compass, Crown, Bed, Big, Porridge, Fist, Dog
Level 2 Answer: Salt, Scale, Salute, Toilet, Faucet, Suitcase, Cyclops, Fish, Cookie, Kite, Melon, Pie
Level 3 Answer: Horse, Soap, Log, Stairs, Pigsty, Broom, Label, Feather, Candle, Wolf, Biscuit, Doctor
Level 4 Answer: Birthday, Multiply, Shin, Rope, Cow, Turtle, Wide, Bite, Boot, Sink, Chimney, Moth, Doll
Level 5 Answer: Bomb, Umbrella, Piano, Balloon, Center, Monkey, Pipe, File, Mouth, Hammer, Book, Lemon
Level 6 Answer: Paint, Surgery, Tin, Oval, Shoulder, Cane, Gap, Carrot, Chainsaw, Corner, Bedroom, Fly
Level 7 Answer: Plate, Tree, Skull, Shallow, Haystack, Tug, Bolt, Banana, Pumpkin, Church, Sheep, Down
Level 8 Answer: Golf, Pepper, Shower, Hen, Mailbox, Peach, Edge, Scarf, Whisper, Eyeball, Straw, Plane
Level 9 Answer: Switch, Pencil, Rooster, Puzzle, Elbow, Moon, Planet, Bacon, Bald, Zipper, Fin, Eat, Sun
Level 10 Answer: Talk, Mushroom, Sad, Square, Medal, Whistle, Dog, Fence, Thin, Whale, Crack, Globe, Glue
Level 11 Answer: Root, Empty, Bathroom, Female, Thumb, Vitamin, Apple, Duck, Iron, Fang, Canoe, Corn, Ask
Level 12 Answer: Comb, Male, Marble, Snail, Timber, Faucet, Goat, Jump, Meat, Fork, Tall, Left, Chin, Witch
Level 13 Answer: Collar, Snowman, Profit, Pump, Sword, Trophy, Gloves, Drink, Rocket, Joker, Glass, Bed
Level 14 Answer: Ask, Shovel, Saw, Cucumber, Stairs, Ladder, Napkin, Cake, Slippers, Window, Boot, Mast
Level 15 Answer: Negative, Pen, Bell, Brush, Toaster, File, Broom, Eye, Kite, Cannon, Full, Patient, Tent
Level 16 Answer: Sink, Shield, Cup, Upstairs, Trousers, Boots, Earring, Angle, Log, Toilet, Steak, Card
Level 17 Answer: Tomato, Aerial, Target, Record, Sausage, Skirt, Blouse, Flower, Doorbell, Wing, Mast
Level 18 Answer: Tie, Robot, Bat, Dart, Church, Melon, Bee, Teapot, Sheriff, Corner, Fruit, Noose, Grapes
Level 19 Answer: Money, Peace, Board, Turtle, Butcher, Chimney, Hatchet, Stern, Hook, Puzzle, Wink, Box
Level 20 Answer: Lava, Cat, Cork, Buckle, Japan, Question, Magnet, Arrow, Wolf, Coconut, Game, Wink, Cart

Dragon Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Question, Spray, Purse, Roof, Percent, Japan, Swing, Medicine, Bread, Saw, North, Cane
Level 2 Answer: Cheek, Rifle, Necklace, Bottle, Money, Fold, Bow, Clown, Tomato, Peace, Sing, Bone, Wink
Level 3 Answer: Elevator, Tie, Lens, Surgery, Cherry, Zipper, Celery, Punch, Plum, Customer, Pancake
Level 4 Answer: Palm, Tennis, Lorry, Cream, Lighter, Windmill, Axe, Brick, Skirt, Picture, Whale, Cart
Level 5 Answer: Female, Egg, Castle, Barn, Kitchen, Right, Balloon, Candle, Lamp, Cupboard, Socks, Bat
Level 6 Answer: Porridge, Twins, Sail, Divide, Anchor, Scales, Cow, Raincoat, Orange, Flower, Gun, Box
Level 7 Answer: Whistle, Painter, Knife, Shirt, Chair, Trombone, Shark, Bed, Hatchet, Dynamite, Duck
Level 8 Answer: Paddle, Angle, Cemetery, Sheriff, Sign, Pliers, Right, Stripe, Plate, Milk, Well, Cork
Level 9 Answer: Middle, Launch, Onion, Sun, Funnel, Fork, File, Balls, Kick, Fly, Panda, Pencil, Rooster
Level 10 Answer: Medicine, Ghost, Envelope, Trophy, Meat, Negative, Sock, Aerial, Yacht, Knuckle, Jug
Level 11 Answer: Rifle, Label, Waffle, Patch, Down, Mountain, Drip, Tongue, Necklace, Snowman, Finger
Level 12 Answer: Jam, Golf, Bacon, Planet, Punch, Game, Sausage, Elbow, Turkey, Smile, House, Cannon, Bag
Level 13 Answer: Clam, Corner, Lava, Switch, Soap, Belt, Mushroom, Panties, Gloves, Scales, Table, Sofa
Level 14 Answer: Skull, Fence, Tent, Path, Biscuit, Thin, Muscle, Nose, Whisper, Scale, Goat, Buckle, Cap
Level 15 Answer: Grass, Pig, Monster, Dream, Medal, Coconut, Ghost, Deep, Eye, Cucumber, Drip, Owl, Floor
Level 16 Answer: Eagle, Screw, Helmet, Bone, Field, Pillar, Odd, Cashier, Sock, Arrow, Listen, Key, Wheel
Level 17 Answer: Arm, Feather, Horse, Antenna, Kitten, Fang, Bread, Steak, Plane, Peach, Globe, Flag, Bow
Level 18 Answer: Heart, Pancake, Potato, Earth, Melon, Trousers, Goldfish, Sugar, Whisper, Crack, Lip
Level 19 Answer: Dice, Kite, Rocket, Doorbell, Collar, Football, Nurse, Stereo, Period, Sign, Butcher
Level 20 Answer: Campire, Thick, Upstairs, Vitamin, Shorts, Slide, Fist, Face, Music, Aerial, Wide, Pen

Monster Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Dream, Rifle, Pillar, Block, Shoes, Trunk, Tongue, Funnel, Owl, Iron, Smoke, Happy, Tail
Level 2 Answer: Dice, Knee, Moss, Bathroom, Soup, Plum, Shirt, Crow, Chicken, Neck, Lorry, Bedroom, Blow
Level 3 Answer: Iceberg, Teapot, Castle, Purse, Crab, Heel, Swan, Tent, Lip, Cereal, Gloves, Full, Dress
Level 4 Answer: Corner, Shorts, Ship, Maze, Well, Tree, Box, Card, Toaster, Eskimo, House, Waffle, Music
Level 5 Answer: Pencil, Mosquito, Rabbit, Planet, Glue, Stripe, String, Raincoat, Boots, Shovel, Hat
Level 6 Answer: Large, Elephant, Think, Axe, Yacht, Picture, Knuckle, Smell, Camera, Board, Grass, Ham
Level 7 Answer: Pig, Wing, Meat, Ferry, Bone, Ladder, Crack, Earring, Elevator, Mountain, Orange, Ball
Level 8 Answer: Postcard, Lemon, Turkey, Percent, Doorbell, Window, Plate, Heart, Period, Eagle, Cap
Level 9 Answer: Loop, Pancake, Rocket, Thick, Cherry, Panda, Eyeball, Steak, Tug, Mosquito, Cork, Scar
Level 10 Answer: Male, Vertical, Small, Upstairs, Glass, Key, Divide, Butcher, Blouse, Cart, Bow, Clown
Level 11 Answer: Bomb, Ruler, Kick, Monster, Cupboard, Punch, Shin, Honey, Shield, Jug, Fang, Soup, Money
Level 12 Answer: Cream, Sail, Stereo, Clam, Root, Barn, Moon, Haystack, Dinosaur, Spoon, Path, Flag, Blow
Level 13 Answer: Screw, Napkin, Pumpkin, Hatchet, Mail, Anchor, Crow, Pliers, Whale, Saddle, House, Sun
Level 14 Answer: Finger, Listen, Beard, Envelope, Game, File, Butter, Lighter, Laugh, Tin, Volcano, Cup
Level 15 Answer: Pie, Bell, Face, Horse, Antenna, Hen, Skull, Owl, Cheese, Robot, Arrow, Left, Plum, Faucet
Level 16 Answer: Grenade, Profit, Purse, Cashier, Pen, Apple, Church, Flower, Lens, Dynamite, Cow, Knee
Level 17 Answer: Lantern, Earth, Turtle, Whistle, Lava, Wolf, Arm, Question, Fin, Funnel, Paddle, Swing
Level 18 Answer: Multiply, Slippers, Nail, Trophy, Mountain, Salt, Timber, Aerial, Orange, Floor, Ask
Level 19 Answer: Tail, Sword, Sail, Chainsaw, Ghost, Fork, Marble, Painter, Bullet, Empty, Yacht, Peace
Level 20 Answer: Shirt, Plane, Chin, Milk, Maze, Square, Bald, Muscle, Mailbox, Salute, Safe, Napkin, Jar

Robot Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Doctor, Block, Meadow, Lollipop, Nail, Chin, Large, Cheese, Pancake, Antenna, Middle
Level 2 Answer: Think, Crab, Jar, North, Earth, Grapes, Shark, Onions, Trunk, Feather, Eat, Rabbit, Deep
Level 3 Answer: Smoke, Tongue, Knife, String, Egg, Neck, Divide, Mast, Postcard, Nurse, Chainsaw, Roof
Level 4 Answer: Kitten, Dream, Potato, Right, Elephant, Funnel, Spinach, Gloves, Cabin, Puzzle, Pear
Level 5 Answer: Camera, Dice, Punch, Floor, Arm, Plum, Waffle, Shirt, Corner, Cheese, Cereal, Well, Scar
Level 6 Answer: Nose, Belt, Barrel, Blow, Mushroom, Slide, Turkey, Trousers, Canoe, Bag, Lighter, Mail
Level 7 Answer: Mountain, Percent, Multiply, Pliers, Stereo, Swan, Lip, Flower, Barn, Blouse, Cherry
Level 8 Answer: Customer, Zipper, Smell, Porridge, Scooter, Pyramid, Loop, Medicine, Muscle, Yacht
Level 9 Answer: Axe, Corn, Sheriff, Sock, Field, Knee, Whistle, Clown, Sail, Sausage, South, Tent, Witch
Level 10 Answer: Snowman, Cream, Celery, Balloon, Mouth, Pepper, Bathroom, Panda, Knuckle, Boots, Ask
Level 11 Answer: Hook, Upstairs, Tennis, Necklace, Table, Japan, Stern, Goldfish, Target, Clam, Chair
Level 12 Answer: Apple, Fruit, Dress, Grenade, Scissors, Mouse, Mirror, Iceberg, Question, Melon, Key
Level 13 Answer: Dice, Block, Shorts, Maze, Jug, Plane, Elbow, Buckle, Tree, Raft, Hat, Flag, Soup, Cap, Book
Level 14 Answer: Tooth, Bottle, Robot, Teapot, Board, Cow, Down, Straw, Tail, Wink, Bell, Whale, Wide, Talk
Level 15 Answer: Kick, Plate, Trousers, Planet, Picture, Heel, Deep, Monkey, Peace, Cupboard, Cabbage
Level 16 Answer: Chimney, Wheel, Pig, Box, Mosquito, Cactus, Shin, Skirt, Golf, Cheek, Sugar, Thin, Ruler
Level 17 Answer: Lens, Piano, Football, Wing, Elk, Sign, Thick, Olive, Umbrella, Rocket, Sofa, Boot, Game
Level 18 Answer: Collar, Money, Chain, Soap, Eskimo, Brick, Drill, Lollipop, Raincoat, Knee, Nail, Door
Level 19 Answer: Hammer, Hen, Goat, Banana, Panties, Period, Sock, Left, Shout, Lip, Horse, Clam, Pumpkin
Level 20 Answer: Tall, Listen, Pen, Swan, Crab, Stereo, Nut, Drink, Gun, Dice, Stop, Gap, Doorbell, Face, Jam

Unicorn Pack Answers

Level 1 Answer: Center, Muscle, Path, Mountain, Screw, Hook, Vertical, Scooter, Stop, Tongue, Cat, Jam
Level 2 Answer: Anchor, Egg, Vampire, Shorts, Cake, Celery, Magnet, Football, Napkin, Robot, Well, Box
Level 3 Answer: Sausage, Tomato, Deep, Nail, Crack, Whisper, Middle, Launch, Pear, Cashier, Jug, Purse
Level 4 Answer: Antenna, Barn, Cap, Patch, Iceberg, Dinosaur, Scales, Lighter, Female, Female, Crow, Left, Elk
Level 5 Answer: Cupboard, Comb, Rocket, Panties, Pigsty, Carrot, Tooth, Card, Chain, Lollipop, Shoes
Level 6 Answer: Ladder, Belt, Cyclops, Toaster, Sun, Skis, Sheriff, Stern, Knife, Turkey, Cabbage, Bag
Level 7 Answer: Picture, Safe, Flag, Ghost, Rooster, Pliers, Brush, Bacon, Multiply, Doorbell, Smell#
Level 8 Answer: Sword, Tail, Spray, Balls, Ship, Buckle, Medal, Game, Finger, South, Target, Yacht, Oval
Level 9 Answer: Whisper, Plum, Cream, Ferry, Painter, Dice, Fork, Angle, Record, Floor, Loop, Windmill
Level 10 Answer: Earth, Swan, Shin, Barrel, Knuckle, Kitchen, Glass, Axe, Mail, File, Chicken, Arrow, Sad
Level 11 Answer: Joker, Raincoat, Grass, Pump, Suitcase, Dart, Bathroom, Elevator, Cucumber, Shorts
Level 12 Answer: Waffle, Jacket, Window, Meadow, Slippers, Talk, Shoulder, Porridge, Field, Balloon
Level 13 Answer: Chimney, Lava, Camera, Grapes, Customer, Face, Divide, Trombone, Monster, Wolf, Moth
Level 14 Answer: Wing, Board, Knee, Scarf, Painter, Pen, Whale, Lantern, Japan, String, Mosquito, Olive
Level 15 Answer: Haystack, Glue, Lamp, Magnet, Purse, Sail, Bedroom, Trousers, Teapot, Postcard, Sink
Level 16 Answer: Edge, Butter, Sword, Cereal, Helmet, Launch, Book, Block, Kitten, Chair, Dress, Hammer
Level 17 Answer: Paint, Pyramid, Shout, Jar, Tooth, Eagle, Drink, Wheel, Tie, Cucumber, Maze, Music, Pipe
Level 18 Answer: Rabbit, Whistle, Feather, Scales, Cube, Castle, Eat, Soap, Cow, Crab, Mouse, Bomb, Mouth
Level 19 Answer: Thumb, Shout, Mailbox, Door, Boots, Vampire, Fruit, Zipper, Stripe, Coconut, Deep, Bee
Level 20 Answer: Face, Moss, Question, Hen, Smell, Steak, Panties, Pepper, Missile, Scale, Witch, Shirt

Hope this was helpful. If you find any mistakes, please let me know below!

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