Tricky Challenge 2 Answers [1-60]

Tricky Challenge 2 Answers, Walk through, Hints, Tips and Cheats

Tricky Challenge 2 is the second game to this series, it’s just as cheesy as the first but trickier! I love these sort of puzzle/mind games. Here you can find a full guide for Tricky Challenge 2, I will provide you with answers and cheats. Its obviously more rewarding if you do it yourself but sometimes you just don’t get it. I remember for level 2, I just didn’t think of changing the door labels. You live and learn!

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Tricky Challenge 2 Levels

Level 1 – Simply cover an empty hole with your finger and wack the mole.

Level 2 – Drag the Men’s toilet label to the Women’s toilet label, it will automatically switch then drag the boy to the new Men’s toilet.

Level 3 – There’s actually two sockets, pull the plug down by dragging the wire then plug in bottom socket

Level 4 – Repeatedly tap on the mole-less holes until they get covered up then wack the mole

Level 5 – There’s a number 5 next to the ? at the top of the screen. That’s your answer.

Level 6 – Give them 5 stars and then click next challenge

Level 7 – Basically drag the match to the left side of your screen, you’ll see a thin blue line (the background behind the notepad), as you would do with lighting a match, move the match up and down in that area.. it should light. Simply light the candle at the wick.

Level 8 – Basically stop the pig from breathing by holding your finger over its nostrils

Level 9 – Drag the word cola out of the question to reveal three more cola cans. Then drag the cola cans that were already there to find more cans hidden. There are a total of 19. That’s your answer!

Level 10 – Shake your phone

Level 11 – Basically cover the Ace… so finger on the A on the card and the word ACE.

Level 12 – Is under the magician’s hat.

Level 13 – Right hat this time

Level 14 – Drag the magicians hat upwards, the rabbits ears will be revealed then drag the ears upwards.

Level 15 – It actually has a sliding door. You’ve got to swipe west to east on the bottom of the left cabinet door.

Level 16 – Drag the ball over the word terminal.

Level 17 – Turn your phone upside down

Level 18 – Once the race starts, press the game pause button, the rabbit continues running, if you want it to go faster, tap it.

Level 19 – Cover the crocs eyes and take the meat!

Level 20 – Basically place your finger on the bulbs, on one of them you’ll get a notif saying Its HOT. That’s your answer. It was C for me, but the answers vary for different people.

Level 21 – Place two fingers on the price and imagine you are ripping it off, the .50 bit will fall off. Then simply put in the numbers to equal 24 ($10, $10, $2, $2).

Level 22 – When the fifth bulb is lit hit the stop word in the statement.

Level 23 – The answer is 5

Level 24 – This is two part, first remove the grey batteries and put the orange ones in their place, then move the ‘old batteries’ text with ‘new batteries’ i.e. switch them. Walaa!

Level 25 – Place the car on top of the words parking place then place the empty box over the car.

Level 26 – Basically spell out 000008

Level 27 – Simply drag the buttons away til you get to Enter next challenge. That one was easy!

Level 28 – Concentrate on the colour of the squares, hit them in the sequence of the text.

Level 29 – It’s under the lion that’s lower tier and most left. Click the cutie.

Level 30 – Remove the elephant and the rabbit from the scales.

Level 31 – Click the word it

Level 32 – Repeatedly press the Still Me button you’ll see a blue one appear. Then done!

Level 33 – Tilt your phone… Either way… an Apple will appear. Then slice with your finger.

Level 34 – Answer is 87

Level 35 – Move the flag closer to the ball, like slighty above it.. then tap the ball.. it’ll go in.

Level 36 – Move your phone left to right, like you are shaking the slot machine.. you’ll see your coin count going up. Once you hit 500, press start.

Level 37 – The answer is 3

Level 38 – The word Elephant and the elephant towards the edge of the screen.. like as if you are flicking it off.

Level 39 – The answer is 7, But shake your phone, you cant submit till you’ve shaken the tree.

Level 40 – Long press the yellow dot in the middle of the screen, three new colors appear, and the yellow dot will also change, it might be difficult to see if your full finger is on it. But try.. then click that color whilst keeping hold of the Yellow.

Level 41 – It’s the guy on the right, hold his head and drag upwards.. he will get taller.

Level 42 – The answer is 14

Level 43 – Cover the top of the tube with your finger then shake your phone.

Level 44 – Turn the volume up to the max

Level 45 – Put the man on the bed, then tap him, he’ll do sit ups and eventually goes thin.

Level 46 – Place your finger anywhere on the screen, the mosquito will come to you… crush it with your other finger.

Level 47 – This refers to the bust size of the women, repeatedly swipe over their tops to reveal their bra, the one on the bottom left had the biggest pair.

Level 48 – Body temperature is 37 degrees, once you change the number. Long hold the red bit, and it will increase to 37.

Level 49 – Shake the phone so the kids are dizzy, i.e. see stars. Click the stars.

Level 50 – Swipe the guns to reveal a shotgun.. then click to shoot.

Level 51 – Hold your phone flat.. then place your finger over the screw. Rotate your phone anti clockwise.

Level 52 – Point the arrow towards you i.e. south.

Level 53 – 15

Level 54 – It’s the kid with the nail in his foot. Bottom left.

Level 55 – Set your phones date to 2017. Then access the game. Remember to change it back.

Level 56 – Light one candle using the match, and the other by tilting your phone.

Level 57 – Say aaah to the microphone.. Like it hurts

Level 58 – The answer is 4

Level 59 – Blow in to your microphone.. the skirts of the ladies will go up… one of them has boxer shorts on.

Level 60 – Final level! Shake your phone to pop the cork. Shake for 10 seconds then click the cork.

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