Rage of the Immortals

Rage of the Immortals

Updated: 15/08

A new game released this week and what seems to be epic! Although there is no physical fighting, the strategy aspect compensates. In short, you select, train and fuse players in order to rank up the levels. There are over 190 exclusive fighters with different abilities;  train and combine them to increase their abilities then create a powerful team and crushes the competition. You can create a super powered team of fighters from all over the world in 20 different combat zones. There are 100’s of different quests to unravel the story of Rage of the Immortals. Explore, unlock and beat 35 areas with five different difficulty levels. Challenge and defeat epic bosses to recruit them to your team. They also have weekly global battles in  PVP tournaments. Do you have what it takes to fight your way to the top?

I’ve been playing continuously for the past few weeks. Also, once you’ve joined you get incentives for referrals. Post your codes below!!

Once you’ve set up and completed the tutorial, enter my code as your referral: QZD-NGN-NBH . As a special dedicated fighter, you’ll get more rewards!


Opening Screen

To clear things up, I’ll explain what you see on your screen.

From the left: At the top you have your lead fighter listed along with their level of fighting. If you click it you can change your lead fighter. Under that you have the Missions tab, If you’re in to completing quests then that’s for you. The Rage of immortals is aiming to be interactive so they will hold events, check out the events tab to get the latest on coming battles. And finally you have  the starter tab, which will disappear after a while, where you can purchase game coins and cash for real money Or click the ‘Get free cash’ to watch adverts for 1 or 2 cash prizes.

Next across the top: You have your energy. This is the amount of energy you have to fight in missions. You can purchase more energy but it’ll renew after a few hours. Alongside this, you have the amount of coins and cash listed. These can be used to shop for new players, open heists (trucks), fuse with players, train players and unlock new buildings and spaces.

Down the bottom: If you press the menu button, you have the shop icon, where you may purchase buildings and currency. There is the heists tab that lists all the possible heists. the fusion tab allows you to fuse 2 players of the same category and also train the fighters for the price of some coins and expertise from another fighter. Under the friends tab you can add and accept friends and look up your referral points. and finally you get a whole list of your total fighters. Just above the menu you’ve got the world map, this lists all the zones you’ve unlocked.

The big grey space in the middle is your main arena: You’ve got the global arena on the top left side, enter it to fight those around the world. The lucky trucker contains the heist trucks and regularly has offers. The two blue lit up pods in the middle are the training and fusion domains, same as the tabs we spoke about earlier. The remainder of spaces can be bought and built upon, then you can hit the shops and earn some income. The idea is that you build on your playground first, once you have a high income then invest on players. This way when you need to upgrade or revitalise, you’ve got money always coming in. And finally the big screen TV is to enter the Epic Boss realm, you’re game level needs to be at 10 though!

Now that you know your way around, Lets talk about some of the features within the game.


Features within the game

Latest Update:

They have changed a lot of the game around in a short amount of time (less than one month) so i will list them here. Feel free to add anything I missed.

– Increasing rewards for Epic bosses (EB)
– Increasing both leader board rewards (EB & PvP)
– Increasing the cost of EB energy & PvP energy
– Increasing the regeneration time for energy from 20 to 30 sec
– Changing Premium Big Rig cash bonuses (200 & 800) for the worse
– Free cash from videos has dramatically reduced
– No more x4 events for Premium Big Rig
– Epic boss is currently about 50% stronger in the upper tiers
– More training boost from fighters

Stages and Levels

There are 35 levels with 5 stages in each level. Each stage gets harder within the level. Once you complete a stage you get to either recruit a fighter you’ve beat or some coins or xp. As you get to level 5, it becomes difficult to pass without training your fighters. So as you’ll see you have 6 slots to insert fighters too. Click edit team and add more fighters to your team. As you progress your Inf increases so it may be you can only add one or two player to begin with. Look at the players stats, on the last row, they’ll have the amount of inf the require. If you still can’t manage head over to traiing and train your lead fighters, basically click them first and then click another fighter (one who you wish your lead fighter to possess).


There are over 190 fighters, categorised by their rarity.  The rarity determines the quality and overall strength of your fighter. A fighter rarity fighter is naturally stronger and has higher maximum potential. Every time you beat a player, you win them. Check out the table below to find an up-to-date list of fighters.

NemesisCommonUncommonRareSuper RareUltra Rare
1 nemesis
1 common
1 uncommon
1 rare
1 super rare
1 ultra rare


There are 5 known elements in the game. Each Fighter has one or two elements depending on his or her final form status. Elements have strengths and weaknesses towards other elements, and can give a crucial advantage.

NamePictureStrong AgainstWeak Against
Element Water
Element Fire
Element Shadow
Element Earth
Element Lightning

Heists are trucks that may be opened by key, which can be earned from a range of things. You may also pay Cash to open these trucks.

Common Van – This truck costs 5 Cash to open one or 50 Cash to open 11. You can get yourself a common to a rare fighter.

Rare Armoured Truck – This truck costs 10 Cash to open one or 100 Cash to open 11. You can get yourself a uncommon to a super rare fighter.

Premium Big Rig – This truck costs 20 Cash to open one or 200 Cash to open 11. You can get yourself a rare to a ultra rare fighter, or a Nemesis fighter that is more powerful against the epic boss, or a Training Booster.

Training Boosters  are obtained from the Premium Big Rig (Heist) and can be used to level up a fighter much easier than using just regular fighters. There is one booster for each element. It is assumed that matching the training booster up with the element will give you more exp. Training Booster is also a great tool in combat because of it’s ability to level up and gain more power.

Nemesis fighters can be obtained through Heists and do 6x damage (and 6x defence) to a specific epic boss. Once at final form they will be a Nem+++ instead of going to a new rarity. When they are fused to their final form rarity instead of going to the next rarity up they become Nemesis+++.  The nemesis fighters are also great for training the Epic Boss fighter that they are nemesis to, as it gives almost as much exp as a training boost. Nemesis fighters can only be obtained through the Premium Big Rig truck, and only for the limited duration of the Epic Boss that they have the attack/defence multiplier to.

To find a list of the nemesis fighters, click here

PvP – These are rounds of fighting other players. There are 5 levels and for each level you get a prize (a key or training booster). Easy to play and worth your while. At the end of a tournament your ranking is matched on a board and you may get a prize.

Epic bosses are fight-able enemies that arrive weekly. They are stronger than regular bosses and give rewards when defeated up to the tiers. Each epic boss has a specific Nemesis fighter who does 3x damage to it. Once the epic boss is defeated 15 times you are given the epic boss to use. To attack Epic Boss you must pay 2 Epic Boss Energy. If you run out of energy you can buy more for Cash or wait about 20 minutes for one. One day before finish event progress will reset and you can take rewards again! Find a list of epic bosses here

Factions are teams made up of several users. From other Gree games we know that you can participate in events, rewards, missions, enhancement bonuses, faction chat, and more. Although not fully released, you can join a Faction and gain xp. This xp can be used to buy stuff for your team. In one of the Gree games there are Faction wars, how awesome if that it implemented in this game too!


Click the following link to see the ultimate guide to success – Rage of the Immortals – Ultimate Guide 

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