Rage of the Immortals – Ultimate Guide


Rage of the Immortals – Ultimate Guide

Updated 15/08/2014 – New update has major changes.

This is not a cheat, just an efficient way to rock!

Firstly begin by playing the game, get a feel of what’s going on, explore the options and missions. Now go on to the World Map and complete the levels till around  Deep Caverns (Level 6). Once you have reached it, this guide will assist you in ace-ing the rest.

Now I have two guides, the one below is for the long term occasional player. If you’re starting off and want quick results then follow this guide.

Ultimate Fighter Guide

As you may be aware there has been a major update where the stats of R, SR and UR fighters have been hugely boosted. For new players this means you’ll find it difficult to beat PvP rounds thus slower game as you’ll have less keys. I would recommend that you continue working on one maxed out UC and then focussing on a maxed out C – throughout the maxing you should pick up on R and SR – collect them and finally combine to get stats of 1200+.

For this guide I will be using Yuki and the Deep Caverns level as an example, she is an uncommon fighter, you have Mirelda as your default, I won Yuki through the Deep Caverns level. Otherwise choose any uncommon fighter, here’s a list  of official uncommon fighters. Also the process can be used with any zone but preferably a single element zone, as it  makes training easier!


First things first though, before you even consider training and fusion, allow me to stress that you have to set up your economy. Without a good economy to fund your training (and fusion), you’ll quickly be burning up all your funds just trying to get out a few training sessions. And while your (currently) unable to sell off unwanted fighters, you’ll likely even find yourself locked out from being able to recruit, unless you set up your economy first. Step one, sell off all your ‘worthless’ buildings in your city. You’ll really only need to be using two types of buildings for your city, start by building spots with Water Towers. They cost 100 to build, generate 700 coins per hour, and can store a max of 700, so they’re the most economical for setting up your city. The best part is, after only one hour, they’ve already completely paid for themselves and everything after that is pure profit,  if you only have ten Water Towers, you’re generating an extra 7000 per hour. You can upgrade the Water Towers if you want (once – to level two) to help speed the process along, but anything above level two will just be a waste of money since you wont be keeping the towers for long.

You need 4 spaces of land (as you expand, the price for more space gets dearer), the sixteen plots you now have means you can pump 11,200 per hour. At this point don’t spend any of the money your earning through your towers. No training, no fusing. Nothing. This part can take either a very short amount of time or a moderate amount of time depending on how many times you check the game throughout the day. Every time you build up to 30,000, sell off one of your Water Towers and replace it with a Pub. Pubs cost 30,000, produce 1,000 per hour, and can store 4,000, so they work like an advanced Water Tower. While yes, I can quite clearly see that while a Water Tower pays for itself in only one hour, a Pub will take roughly two to three days (accounting for sleep, and having an actual life…) to recoup the cost, the power of Pubs comes into play when you get around to upgrading them, they are far more economical in the long run. Some missions require you to build a park, or a media station, etc so leave three Water Towers as they are.

Now, lets advance time to a point where you’ve swapped out your Water Towers for Pubs, Now your churning out a staggering 64k per hour (WOW, right?). Now, pick the area you want – in this case The Deep Caverns for Yuki – and just repeatedly play a stage of the area whenever you have energy, keep recruiting the fighters till you have maxed. Combine the similar common fighters (by training them) and then recruit till you have 9 Yuki.

First Super Fighter

Now’s the part where it gets somewhat interesting, and many people wind up getting confused and/or wasting money. Even though your making a killing, you’ll still be able to burn through it fast if you don’t know how to properly utilise that money on training. See all those Yukis you managed to get (min 9)? Set them up for training, dropping eight of the common fighters you also farmed up onto them, train (should cost $1600 and bring them to level 8), and then switch to another level one Yuki and do the same thing. Keep doing this until you have Nine Level 8 Yuki. Also, with the new update, you now get rewards for playing in the PVP either fighters or keys- dont let that go to waste! I tend to gather around 50 keys then I have a huge choice of levelling up. Anyway Drop 8 Yuki on to your main Yuki, and bam, instantly just gained about 15 levels. How does this work? Your exploiting multiple experience boosting abilities in the game, all at the same time, compounding your experience gain dramatically. The fact that your training two fighters of the same element is a boost. The fact that your training two identical fighters is a boost. Training a levelled fighter is a boost as well, but its actually a very small boost by comparison to the others. As we know, the highest level for Uncommons is 30 and its recommended to fuse when players are at the max level. Now you should have a Yuki at around level 23, work your way up to maxing her out (around 24 commons). In order to fuse, you need 2 fighters, which means repeat all over to get another Level 30 Yuki. Since you’ve done it so cheaply, you should have 30k on hand ready to instantly fuse your two level 30 UC’s into a shiny new UC+.

Fighter Levels = Common < C+ < C++ < UnCommon < UC+ < UC++ < Rare < R+ < R++ < SuperRare < SR+ < Nemesis< SR++ < UltraRare < UR+ < UR++ < Lengendary

Did you do it? Aren’t those stats beautiful? Stats possibly already in the 300’s? Yeah, you can already hang with reasonably levelled Rare fighters..with your uncommon that you’ve only fused once so far. Go ahead, play with your fighter a bit. Go crush some enemies that were annoying you for awhile. Go laugh that even elements your weak against a barely able to hit you for 30’s..at level one. But, when your done with all that, go ahead and drop 8 more of those annoying commons onto your shiny new UC+ and get those easy levels. Wooooooo.. Look at that amazing stat growth per level? Sexy, right? It only gets better. Continue to repeat the process you did to Level up your main Yuki, so get 16 level 8 Yukis and train them with your new UC+ and your fighter will be back to max level for UC+. After that, repeat the whole process to get another UC+, Level that UC+ up to max as well. And now..fuse those two together. Welcome to the wonderful world of UC++, where your fighters stats (if you followed this guide) will be anywhere between 500-700…at level one. Yeah, you can hang with high level SR fighters now, easily..at level one. By max level (which might take three training rounds this time (24 level 8 Yuki)), all your stats should be about 650-950. Yeah, that’s right.. you can even hold your own (for awhile) against (some) Legendaries.


Now comes the truly tedious part, though.. Your last fusion cycle. Remember all that work you just did, creating your beautiful UC++ with super sexy stats? Yeah, you have to do it all over again. Yes, all of it. You have to create another, completely identical UC++ to fuse with it. But, when you do, your starting stats at level one with your brand new Rare will be anywhere from 800-1200 at max level.  Your ‘puny’ little Rare can probably solo a poorly fused Legendary.. that its actually weak against. Funny thing is, your new Rare probably still costs less than 10 inf to have in your party (this is why I chose Yuki, base stats are decent and 7 inf)..so you can actually do this for all six fighter slots in your party, and feel like a Superman, having over 10k total attack power.

But, would you look at that? You forgot the best part! Because you did all this for so cheap, and have been earning at least 64k per hour, you probably have enough cash on hand to buy multiple upgrades or expansions! Go for it! Obviously, prioritize expansions over upgrades. Just upgrading a Pub to level 2 costs over 50k, and only gives you an extra 150 per hour from just that one Pub. So, getting another expansion will allow you to drop four more Pubs down, and generate an extra 16k per hour off of those new spaces, which will yield more over time than just upgrading one or two Pubs. Though, when the expansions get too expensive, and you have ‘too much’ money just laying around, go ahead and drop a few upgrades on some of those Pubs. I am cautious though, incase he developers decide to allow more use with coins, i.e buy players, I have over 5m stacked! Plus, you still haven’t had to spend a single dime of your hard earned, real world cash.

Super Team

Do this process for at least five more farmable UC’s from the various areas, and chances are…you’ll be the one ROFLstomping people in the arena about 80-90% of the time. Not to mention shredding epic bosses. Remember, if you manage to own an event boss 60 times (which you can do using these type of UC’s turned powerhouse R’s – you just might have to ‘continue’ a time or two, after you hit about the 50’s), you’ll earn eight copies of that event boss..which is the exact number of how many you need to to create a SR, using this exact same formula. Yes, it will be more expensive, and you wont be able to exploit the same element / same fighter boost combo, but you can still do get the same element boost, and use farmed up, level 6-8 UC’s from areas around the map. But, if you manage to do it….you’ll have a truly Godlike SR in no time, and will still be rolling in money in the process. And…you still wont have had to have spent a single penny of your own, real world, hard earned money.

UPDATE 15/08:

The biggest change going from version 1.12 to version 1.13 is the stats of fighters. The base and maximum stats of Commons and Uncommons remain unchanged, however the stats of Rare, Super Rare, and Ultra Rare fighters have been hugely boosted. Additionally, training your fighters is requiring more Training fodder than before, meaning for slower progress. The INF costs have also changed, with Common = 4, Uncommon = 6, Rare = 10, Super Rare = 15, Ultra Rare = 20. So I would recommend that you find some SR’s collect them and then train. You’ll hit 1500XP in a months time.

Otherwise through your time playing, from levelling up, referrals, pvp priizes, heists, you may get a UR or SR, if you have at least 4. I recommend training them. Stats will hit around the 2000 mark. Gwen is currently strongest fighter known.

Choosing your Fighter

Now you’re probably wondering which UC fighter to use. Here’s my analysis:


Shadow – Yuki – Deep Caverns

Earth – Jim Karateman – Bamboo Forest

Lightning – Dr. Saiphon – Hyperion Inc, Tower

Water – Under Earth Champion – Subterranean Village

Fire – Grandmaster Yong  – Fire Temple


They all have great potential and are obtainable very early in the game apart from Yong from the Fire Temple which is furthest (Level 11). Though, you shouldn’t even need fire throughout the game! Aside from having one or two for diversity (when hitting rarity) I guess.

You’ll find that for PvP (arena) Lightning tends to work best as they (generally) have the highest attack stats, and for PvE (questing/farming) Earth works the best. Later quests tend to use a lot of Lightning fighters, so having a strong Earth team will give you a major advantage. Because of this, building a decent Shadow team is advisable for whenever there is an Earth epic boss (i.e. Manos and Wilder), so you can quickly and (relatively) easily secure enough copies of those Rare Earth fighters to bolster your farming team(s) even further.

So I suggest you build strong Lightning, Shadow and Earth teams.




  1. Buy 4 spaces so you have 16 plots to build on.
  2. Build 13 water towers to make 9100 per hour
  3. Replace each water tower for a pub to get 4000 per hour
  4. Buy more space – Add another 4 pubs
  5. Upgrade pubs


  1. Recruit 9 Yuki or an Uncommon fighter from the World Map
  2. Take them to level 8 by training them with common fighters
  3. Train One main Yuki with 8 of the Yuki remaining and level up to 30
  4. Repeat 1-3 to create another Yuki Level 30
  5. Fuse the 2 Yuki Level 30s to give UC+
  6. Train the Yuki UC+ with 8 common fighters & 16 standard Yuki to max at level 30
  7. Repeat 1-6 to create another Yuki UC+ Lvl 30
  8. Fuse the 2 UC+ Yuki to get UC++
  9. Train the Yuki UC++ with 16 common fighters & 24 standard Yuki to max at level 30
  10. Repeat 1-9 to create another Yuki UC++
  11. Fuse the 2 UC++ Yuki to get a Rare Yuki
  12. Train the Rare to level 40
  13. Create 6 Rare fighters & add to team
  14. Fight!



Short-term Quick-Stat guide

1) Enhance one pair of common fighters to level 20 (by training),  and fuse them to get C+ level 1

2) Enhance C+ and a regular common fighter to level 20, and fuse again for C++ level 1

3) Enhance C++ and a regular common fighter to level 20, and fuse once more for UC level 1.

4) Enhance the UC to level 30. It should have stats somewhere in the range of 600-800.

5) Repeat for other members of team.


You are going to run out of fighters soon, so you’ll have to farm for them in the levels. To my estimation, here’s where I feel you’ll pick up the most players. When using up all your energy, alternate between stages in the levels, don’t stick to a single stage.

Lightning – Hyperion Tower lvl 3 or above, Northern Peaks Research lvl5

Fire – City Proper lvl 5 (commons only), Infernal Peak lvl 1 (mixed with Earth), or Fire Temple lvl 1 (straight fire, with possible fire UC’s)

Shadow – Deep Caverns lvl 4 (possible 2 UC recruits per run)

Earth – The Slums lvl 5 (commons only) or Earth Temple lvl 1 (commons + Master Jade)

Water – Sewers lvl 5 (commons only), Subterranean Village lvl 1 (mixed with Earth, but 2 possible UC recruits), or Water Temple lvl 1 (only water, 2 possible UC recruits – still quite expensive on energy)



Best of luck to you all, and I hope many of you find this information informative and useful.

Leave your pointers down below

P.S My team consists of Dr Saiphon, Yuki, Gwen, Capt Adams and Coldfront. We have a total attack of 8000


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