Here Puzzle Game Solutions [Level 1-50]

Easy puzzle game on Android is another puzzle game, one that is all about the self-vanity of HERE, but one I must admit I found hard. Here you can find a full answer guide for the Here challenge. I’ve also attached a video link for each level for a video walkthrough.

You can download on Android.

Here level 1 Answer

Click the word ‘here’ on the screen.

Here level 2 Answer

Spell out HERE

Here level 3 Answer

Use both of your fingers on the white bite.. and rotate it. You should make it horizontal so here shows fully.

Here level 4 Answer

Again spell ‘Here’. Click the top box once and bottom one three times.

Here level 5 Answer

Basically need to blank out all lettere except ‘HERE’ so click on H E R then on the bottom row click the E, then the G then H on the bottom row for both and finally the E on the bottom row.

Here level 6 Answer

Use your finger to rotate the fan.. do it fast. It will eventually rotate by itself.

Here level 7 Answer

Use the shapes to spell out here.. click each one to rotate it.. the two e’s are easy.

Here level 8 Answer

Lift all 4 tabs together using 4 fingers and swipe up fast.

Here level 9 Answer

You can see here within the word, so drag away the extra letters ‘ad’ and ‘nt’, but you have to hold the letters at either end and pull away horizontally.

Here level 10 Answer

You’ll notice the word changing, click it when it says here.

Here level 11 Answer

You need to press the switch and click the ‘here’ word before it disappears. If you miss it then switch on then back off. Or restart the level and you’ll notice it’s always in the same place.

Here level 12 Answer

The objective is to hold the small box in the big one for 4 seconds. So click on the screen and the small one with drop/rise, then press on the screen fast to hold the gravity. It’s tricky but you just got to get used to the flow of the box.

Here level 13 Answer

Create valid equation. It will be + = -. Basically each letter has a number.. like H is the 8th number. So H + E = R – E because 8 + 5 = 18 – 5 are 13.

Here level 14 Answer

Reveal ‘here’ in the blank font so first align the first and second sliders at any point.. then move the bottom slider all the way to the right and then to left. All should go to the extreme left.

Here level 15 Answer

Drag the back ‘<‘ button on top left to the r, to make a capital R.

Here level 16 Answer

Enter the following morse code: ……-..

Here level 17 Answer

Use your finger to rub out the screen, it will reveal the letetrs in the form of a heart.

Here level 18 Answer

Tap the numbers in the order of the word, so 8 5 18 5, you’ll notice the 18 at the bottom of the screen. Level 18!

Here level 19 Answer

Simply click everywhere on the screen to hit the word here accurately. You need to connect to the screen as soon as it passes.

Here level 20 Answer

Slide blocks vertically and focus on shadow, Make here word by placing blocks in the right place.

Here level 21 Answer

Tap the second disc once, then disc one then disc 3, three times.

Here level 22 Answer

Click the hint button and some of the word here will be revealed, so click it.

Here level 23 Answer

Shake your phone until the letters unscramble. and are slight far apart from each other like h e r e.

Here level 24 Answer

Use the restart button to rotate the word.

Here level 25 Answer

Use your phone.. or finger to control the little box.. place in the big one for a good number of seconds.. maybe 4 or 5.

Here level 26 Answer

You need to put the letters in the box, start with R (avoid putting it in the wrong box, else start again) then put e the in the bottom box, and then the next e and finally h.

Here level 27 Answer

Turn up your volume. As you click it will beep. Now move your finger and it will either get louder or quiter.. find the sweet spot. It was near the bulb for me.

Here level 28 Answer

Write current time on your phone in 12-hour time format.

Here level 29 Answer

Slide the level number at the bottom to the left or right, it will reveal the word here on the other side of screen. click it.

Here level 30 Answer

This is hard, you need to pay attention to the order and then click in the order they were revealed, to spell here. Possibly does it in a circular motion.

Here level 31 Answer

You should have got a notification, click it. On your phone.. not in the app.

Here level 32 Answer

Tap the fourth box 10 times to get ‘k’, then second box 7 times to get a ‘h’ and then the 3rd box 4 times to get HERE.

Here level 33 Answer

Simply spell the word HERE. But some of the Z also turn red, so

  1. Click on “z” 3 letters before “h”
  2. then 2 letters before “e”
  3. then 1 letter before the “r”
  4. finally, click on last “e”
Here level 33 Answer

Here level 34 Answer

Take a screenshot

Here level 35 Answer

Click the word here then change the level number 1 to 35.. click it and your keyboard should open up. Then press here again.

Here level 36 Answer

Click on the scren to light up, then find the letter h-e-r-e, each time you do let go and it will remain white. If you select the wrong letter you have to restart.

Here level 37 Answer

Change your volume up and down till it spells HERE and then click it.

Here level 38 Answer

Rotate the letters so T is the first and K is last. Then press the middle circle to cut them out, and then do it again to have A in the first and Z in the last, Finally rotate once more.

Here level 39 Answer

Move the slider to about 3/5 from the bottom, then slowly move it up and down.. by one notch, you’ll see here and then use another finger closely. For me it was on the bottom right of the screen.

Here level 40 Answer

Spell here but start by by the end, so for the E, highlight all using the third circle.. this means all need to change and find E using the second circle. Then press the first circle to unhighlight the last box. And again find R then unhighlight.. etc.

Here level 41 Answer

Tap hint button and a fake ad will show. Click on Mindsphere.

Here level 42 Answer

There are two discs, slide horizontally to rotate middle disc and vertically for the outer disc. First, move your finger horizontally to make ‘e’ (In the first step only focus on letter ‘e’). When ‘e’ is correctly formed, then without lifting your finger move your finger vertically to automatically make the word ‘here’

Here level 43 Answer

Tap flashing black spots one by one, if you miss one it will reset. the word here will be revealed in dark writing.

Here level 44 Answer

Spell the word here by clicking each of the little boxes.

Here level 45 Answer

There are 4 pairs of the letters HERE, so click on the two H, two EE, etc. Just take a pic using another phone.. the puzzle changes or restart for an easy sequence.

Here level 46 Answer

Zoom in on the middle of the screen by pinching.. and you’ll see it. Then click it.

Here level 47 Answer

Spell out 443377733, which is HERE without predictive text.

Here level 48 Answer

You have to enable the box you want to edit.. so click the second box and then click the first it will change to B. Then click the second one again as it unhighlights. Do this 7 times to egt H. Now do this again with the rest.

OR Press this 21212121212121 (7) 2323232323232323232323232323232323 (17) 24242424 (4) and then 424242424242 (6)

Here level 49 Answer

So you will notice if you touch anywhere on your screen the first box will change to B. then if you click to the right or left of the dot it will change the first or second letter.. if you click right twice then the third. Click first at the left-most part.. you’ll know why later.

So go back and forth touching left and right until the first and second boxes are both H. Then the second H should be touch right of the circle and the 3rd box will turn to B. Now again touch either sides to get the 2nd box to say E and the 3rd says Y. You should see H E Y A.

Now touch right again to get the fourth box to be B, and do the back and forth thing. Make the third box R and last one T.

Now touch only right till the last box goes to E.

Here level 50 Answer

Fill in the blank!

Well done on completing the game HERE. Hope you found this helpful.

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