Davey’s Mystery Walkthrough

Welcome to this Ultimate guide – Davey’s Mystery 1 Game Answers Tips and Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Walkthrough.

Davey’s Mystery puzzle game

Davey’s Mystery is all about investigating and finding the clues to get out.

As the game goes on, it does get difficult and frustrating. This guide gives you a walk through of each level, from level one to who knows. I will continue to update the section with new levels.

You can download the game here: Android and Apple

So we begin with arriving at the house. The fist place to consider is the inventory, this is where all the clues will sit. The first one is easy, press the bag icon and use the keys to open the door.

First step

You enter the hallway and there’s two rooms to your left and right, yes it can get confusing when you start clicking on the right all, you’ll see a painting, its got coloured vases on it. Make a note of the colour and shapes. Or take a screenshot.

Second step

Go to the room on the right, you should see a ‘fish’ cabinet. Now swipe left to see the other side of the room. And right under the seperator/veil, you’ll seea green thing. Its a totem. Click it.

Third step

Now turn around again and click the room on the left, its a dining room. Click the paper on the table. It ill have a code corresponding to North, East, South and West. Take a screenshot or write down the clues.

Again swipe left to see the other side of the dining room, click the painting, this is a puzzle. Remember the clue in the beginning, now reorder the vases to the corresponding colours. Walaa! Now click the metal brick.

Fourth step

Turn around again and go to the kitchen. Don’t need to be here yet, but now you know the way. Turn around and you’ll see a door on the right that leads to the entrance hallway. hen you click, you’ll be at the end of the hallway.

Click the door under the stairs, the bathroom. Open the drawer under the sink and click the cleaning supplies. turn around and exit the hallway. We need to go upstairs next.

Fifth step

Click the front door, then turn around to face the stairs. Click them.

There will be a closed door on the left, a door to the balcony and on the right to a bedroom.

Sixth step

Go to the bedroom and turnaround. Click the book. And again. This has no relevance to the mystery. Click out so you can see the book at arms length. Click the top centre drawer, click the necklace. Now go back downstairs.

You should be facing the front door. Click the statue. Click the necklace from your bag. Click the collar. and the necklace will go on her. You’ll notice a hidden passage on the left to the door. Pick up the key. Its for the door on the left upstairs.

Go upstairs and use the key. Remember to click the key in your bag then the door. Go inside, you’ll see a telescope. Click the window. Then the telescope. Look through it, you should see three columns, adjust the sharpness using the lever on the left. Make a note.

Seventh step

Now exit and turn around in the room. Click the table. Click the submarine. Now exit this room.

You’ll see the other to rooms upstairs. Click the one on the left, click the book shelf. Use your green totem to fill the missing piece. The just under the colours there is symbols, click them to find a range of animals. Go back to your notes and correspond what you saw through the telescope with the pictures. The bookshelf ill slide, leading to a secret room. We’ll come back here.


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