Brain: Code Answer for all levels [1-40] on one page

Welcome to this Ultimate guide to get you started on Brain:Code Game. Plenty of solutions, cheats and answers for this puzzle!

This is by far one of the hardest puzzle games and it’s taken me a good few months and hair-pulling! So here it is a solution and answers guide.

You can download on Android and Apple.

For your reference, since the keyboard is a bit laggy in the game, here are the options you can select.


Brain Code All Answers

Brain Code Level 1 Answer:


Brain Code Level 2 Answer:


If your theme was white, then do \theme:black

Brain Code Level 3 Answer:

Type it in and press run when you can see completed


Brain Code Level 4 Answer:

You have to make 1+7=10-2. So select the first disc first and then run the Stop when it lands on 1. Then again for the seconds disc when it lands on 2.

/select: c2
/Anim: stop

Brain Code Level 5 Answer:


Brain Code Level 6 Answer:


Use your device’s gyroscope to encircle the black dot till the screen goes white

Brain Code Level 7 Answer:


The underscores are spaces so 9 or more spaces

Brain Code Level 8 Answer:


Brain Code Level 9 Answer:

/text:I like this game

Brain Code Level 10 Answer:


Brain Code Level 11 Answer:


Brain Code Level 12 Answer:

/text:119 for w
/text:105 for i
/text:115 for s
/text:103 for g
/text:107 for k
/text:100 for d
/text:118 for c

Brain Code Level 13 Answer:

There is no Level 13. The reason comes up in Level 29. You’re looking for Level 14, the answer is brown.

Brain Code Level 14 Answer:


Brain Code Level 15 Answer:

This changes from device to device. Two boxes are equivalent to 50. I used a Samsung A70. I recommend use the coordinates below.. then you might need to make a slight adjustment of 25. Remeber to go down or left, you’ll need to doa ‘-‘.

/select: r1
/move: -150,25
/select: r2
/move: 100,250 (For Android) /move: 75,175 (for iOS)
/select: r3
/move: -125,175 (For Android devices) /move: -125,125 (For iOS)
/select: r4
/move: 125,-175 (For Android devices) /move: 125,-75 (For iOS)

Brain Code Level 16 Answer:

Change your device’s time between 10 pm to 5 am.

/text: Ursa major

Brain Code Level 17 Answer:

/text: heart

Brain Code Level 18 Answer:

/Anim: start

Now rotate your device in all 4 ways, if you get an orange circle then the sequences is wrong so looks for the green one.

Brain Code Level 19 Answer:

/select: apple
/move: 170,-210
/select: banana
/move: -10,-216
/select: pineapple
/move: 170,0

Brain Code Level 20 Answer:

As they add levels, this will change. So it might be 25 or 30.

/text: 20

Brain Code Level 21 Answer:

/text: 101

Brain Code Level 22 Answer:

/select: rabbit
/move: 0,80
/move: 0,40

Brain Code Level 23 Answer:

/text: ———————

As many as it takes to fill the bar

Brain Code Level 24 Answer:

Turn on Flight mode of your device to solve this level.

Brain Code Level 25 Answer:

Take a screenshot and send to email on your computer or to another person’s phone. then type the below code.


Once the camera opens then scan the code

Brain Code Level 26 Answer:

This is a fun one to do.

Search those given coordinates on the map and you will find 1-2-3-4 locations show a particular shape A-C-D-C respectively, turn on satellite mode in maps

/text: acdc

Brain Code Level 27 Answer:

The code from the source code is:


Brain Code Level 28 Answer:

The Coliseum is a reference to Rome, in this context, the laurel wreath refers to Caesar.

The message is encrypted and according to the references is using the “Caesar cipher”. This cipher consists of shifting the letters of the alphabet. According to some texts, it is believed that Cesar used it with a shift of 3 to the left, being: a=x, b=y, c=z, d=a and so on.

Finally, after decrypting the ‘vla soxv ilyh‘ message we get “six plus five” which is 11

To decrypt online go to then put ‘vla soxv ilyh’ in input box and then shift is 3 then click on decrypt, it will decrypt it to six plus five


Brain Code Level 29 Answer:

/text: 13
/text: lazy

Brain Code Level 30 Answer:

/Anim: start

Now, Move your device to encircle the white dot for a few seconds to pass the level. keep it horizontal so that white dot is on the circle and keep it for few seconds. Everything will go black.

Brain Code Level 31 Answer:

/level: 12
/level: 31

Brain Code Level 32 Answer:

Restart the game 3 times.. it will say not this time.

/select: don’t
/move: 300,0

Brain Code Level 33 Answer:

/text: Bermuda triangle

Brain Code Level 34 Answer:


Brain Code Level 35 Answer:

/level: 13
/text: apollo 13
/anim: start

Brain Code Level 36 Answer:

/select: milk
/move: 100,-200
/select: strawberry
/move: -100,-200

Once both are in shake your phone vigorously.

Brain Code Level 37 Answer:

/anim: start
/anim: stop [Stop the animation on “1”]

Then touch the text “dot” not the actual ‘.’

Brain Code Level 38 Answer:

/text: level 38 completed

Brain Code Level 39 Answer:

  • Press the back button of your phone.
  • Press hint button then choose a hint, then cancel it by pressing the X, another x will appear on screen click it
  • Tap ‘exit’ text
  • Use code below to open cam and then exit

hit the ‘x’

Use below to access menu then exit


Brain Code Level 40 Answer:

  1. Tap the scan button, it scans your face.
  2. Move the white circle by moving your phone or face. Its easier if you move your face but dont let the white circle go outside of the area else restart
  3. You will see number 8,1,2,9,7
  4. Move the circle on to numbers and tap them in order of 87912.