Davey’s Mystery Walkthrough

Thirteenth step

You’ll see a set of three levers and blue triangles in each of the dials. You must put the arrows in the green section so that a light comes on.

If you place the lever to the left about halfway down, the middle lever to about a ¼ from the bottom, and the right lever almost touching the bottom the lights all light up. Click the switch to find some flowers to grow, click it to pinch a bit. Turn around. Pick up the oil can by the ladder, and make your way back to the house, the main entrance. Go to the room with the fish cabinet.

Place your fish piece in it using your bag, pick up the bike part. Go back outside the front of the house to the greenhouse.

Fourteenth Step

Use the oil can on the green house, pick up the lemon. Go back upstairs and turn around to face the room with the bookshelf. Its on the left. Click the secret passage we opened.

Click the elevator, use the bike part. Ride across to the other side.

Enter the wooden house, Pick up the Crowbar. We need to go back to the crowbar, its miles away, i know! I trust you’ll get there.

Fifteenth step

Enter the shed, use the crow bar to open the box on the floor on the right, pick up the clippers.

Go into the kitchen and put the lemon in the juicer and take the juice, then go back upstairs, to the bookshelf room. Look at the lab apparatus, use the lemon cup in the beaker. It will reveal a code, 5776.

Sixteenth Step

Head back to the sky car, you’ll see the blue house, but on the left there are some roses. Click them, you should see a gold coin. Use the clippers to remove the thorns. Pick up the Love emblem.

Now go to the wooden house, click the lap machine, and enter the 4 digit code. Place the Seaweed into the container and press the green button, this will give you a vial of purple liquid. Return to the Sky car and ride it back to the Main house.

Go downstairs, head to the patio. On the right, you will see a passage to a room, theres two podiums there, place the emblems in there. Climb the ladder to find a fountain, place the purple liquid in the fountain.

Seventeenth step

The plants come back to life and a box appears with a letter in it. Read the letter.

Congratulations you have Solved the Mystery!

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