Davey’s Mystery Walkthrough

Eight step

Go back to the landing, you’ll face the balcony, turn around. Click the room on the right and then turn around. You will see a mirror, Click your cleaning supplies and then the mirror. It will be clean, then turn around to see the statute.

Now push up the lever on the left, you’ll see a picture at the wrong rotation. Use the circular thing on the left to rotate the image so that it is straight. Once down,pull the lever on the left again. Now push up the lever on the right, same again, straighten the picture, it will open up and pick up the Faith Emblem. Exit the room.

Ninth step

You’ll face the balcony, enter the balcony, turn around. Decode the symbols above the double door with what we found on the dining table earlier. make a note of what symbol, corresponds with what in the right order. For e.g. I got W, E, S, N, S. Turn around.

Go to to the bird table on the far end, it’s a compass. Turn the birds head to your first Letter and then the rest. It will open a door to the left of the garden, another secret passage.

Tenth step

You have to access this from the patio downstairs. Go down to the hallway and face the stairs, as you did when we started.

Go to the room on the left, you will see a lion, turn around, click the side table with the lamp on it. Click the fork. Turn around again. Click the door on the right.

Click the the bottom of the patio/veranda. Click the swimming pool. Use the submarine in your inventory. It will return a box, click it to pick up the jewel.

Eleventh step

Click the passage on the left to enter the dock, turn around and pick up a plank from the floor. Its on the right. Go back towards the house, passage on the left.

Click the shed, use the fork to open the door. Go inside and click the oven, place the metal block in your inventory on the tray with the fish mould. It will melt it. Click the things and pick up the mould (fish). It automatically drops in to the water. Click the fish in the water. Now turn around, use your plan on the saw machine. Collect your smaller pieces.

Head back to the the house and the room where the lion is. Click the lion, place the missing jewel in its eye. Pick up the lever. Turn around and go to the main hallway. Click the front door.

Twelfth step

Use your planks on the tree. Climb up. Then use the lever on the hole in the tree house. Click the lever. It does something magical. Climb down. Click the Greenhouse, it will be inaccessible. Turn around.

Go back in to the house, door on left, click door next to lion, Go down to the dock. Now go down the ladder.

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