Mumtaz Restaurant

Written by Kashif Hussain

Date Visited: 14/09/2017
Location: Bradford, BD7 3HS
Average Price: Meal for two – £35 Approx



Mumtaz set up in 1979 as a street stall and now is one of the most popular restaurants in the UK. The brand has slowly franchised out and has also developed ready meals and baby food. I remember going to Mumtaz as a young boy, it was big, fun and delicious, but over the years as it has started looking more and more majestic, only for the civilised working class and not screaming kids. When you first walk in you’re unsure where to go, and who to see. Once a waiter notices you, you’re shown to a table. But although the layout and seating is very jumbled and there’s a staircase down the middle, it’s in fact very lively inside, Asian music in background, and curry house feeling. People are clearly having a good time.

It’s biggest achievement to date is serving the Queen dinner. I personally don’t think the Queen will visit again.

Once you sit down for a bit, all you can hear is chair rattling, there’s definitely too much rattling, the metal gives Mumtaz a cold feeling.

‘Vast range of Asian food to cater to all taste buds, great range of desserts and starters mainly, chicken shawarma was lovely, quite a small place inside so wouldn’t recommend going with a group of friends or family, not much of an atmosphere also as it is more of take out than a restaurant’


Every time I visit Mumtaz, the prices have gone up. But the food is the same, infact in some cases worse. The Salad is always discoloured, cheap tomatoes and cucumbers, or maybe even left overs from another customer. I can’t discredit the food, because it was edible but its not 10/10. When the food did arrive, it was hot and sizzling, there was a fresh aroma, and it was presented well. Its just a shame it didn’t taste like that. The masala fish was cheap and full of bones, the pani-puri was burned and tasteless and the lamb chops in the mixed grill had actually gone off. I informed the waitress who shrugged her shoulders and said she’d tell the chef. That’s it, didn’t hear back from her again. £9 odd for a veggie curry! £5 for a glass of mango lassi. The Veg curry tasted ok but was very oily and the vegetables were definitely frozen.

‘Horrendous delivery, 2 hours to get a simple order delivered, especially considering that they are only 5 minutes away. I could have picked it up myself if it wasn’t for their misleading “he’s on his way”‘


When looking out towards the rest of the restaurant, its like a circus, waiters ducking and diving. And why is the menu endless, same curries with a slight difference, just another way to exploit white people I guess. The staff were present but very robotic, obviously getting paid below minimum wage, so dreading their job. Its important to look smart and appear pleasant, the staff here obviously hated their job.

Mumtaz at this point can be seen to really drop standards. You don’t get one waiter or a personal service you get random waiters walking past and with poor hygiene!

So here is the verdict: Mumtaz has an international brand, don’t screw it up by saving a few pennies. Quality salad, Quality ingredients and Quality service. Provide your staff with a clean shirt and a name badge.


Very high class interior

Lovely Seekh Kebabs

Lively, people noise is pleasant and subtle


Get over the Queen

Food quality

Cold Feeling

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