Written by Kashif Hussain

Date Visited: 23/07/2017
Location: Bradford, BD1 3EB
Average Price: Meal for two – £13 Approx


Recently we conducted a review of HelloFresh using Groupons located here-, and as a follow up, we would like to give you a very quick review of Food2Go. It is in fact a rebrand of Pakeeza. Same food, same recipes, just a new name. The brand has strongly developed over the years but they seem to love the lime green theme, Pakeeza, Food2Go and Kaana Peena. There isn’t much of an interior apart from your typical flat pack takeaway table and chairs. Everyone is rushed for time and there is a semi-macho cashier demanding for the next order.


I took my time to read off the huge menu, but settled for Seekh Kebabs and a Samosa Chaat.

‘Vast range of Asian food to cater to all taste buds, great range of desserts and starters mainly, chicken shawarma was lovely, quite a small place inside so wouldn’t recommend going with a group of friends or family, not much of an atmosphere also as it is more of take out than a restaurant’


In a nut shell the food tasted heated up. Samosas are supposed to be crispy on the outside, not soft and moist and Seekh Kebabs are not supposed to be rubbery. It’s as if though they dip food in oil just before serving. If you ever visit Food2Go, you’ll realise there are no aromatic smells in the food, I guess cheap food doesn’t have an aroma. I can now say the impressive menu that seemed to encompass many cuisines is too much to handle for amateur chefs and staff.

‘Horrendous delivery, 2 hours to get a simple order delivered, especially considering that they are only 5 minutes away. I could have picked it up myself if it wasn’t for their misleading “he’s on his way”‘



When I ordered, the cashier did come across as chirpy and I’d say friendly but when it came to his own staff, he was very grumpy, bossy and aggressive. They clearly hated him. I don’t think its good business to show unfair conduct and disrespect towards staff. The worst thing was seeing the staff smoking outside with their aprons on, sat on the steps, whilst customers try to nudge past.

So here is the verdict: Food2Go seriously need to dip in to their wallet, invest in better tasting food, better chefs and find a niche.


Has potential



Food tastes warmed up

Too much variety

Oil! Oil! Oil!

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