The Veggie

Written by Kashif Hussain

Date Visited: 23/03/2017
Location: Ilkley, LS29 8DS
Average Price: Meal for two – £25 Approx





The Veggie is a vegetarian café set in the heart of Ilkley. I first dropped in when I went to watch Eye in the Sky at the Ilkely cinema (fab cinema), for a cup of tea and scones, which tasted lovely! This time round, I thought I’d lunch with a colleague.

As we entered the café, we were promptly welcomed with a smile and shown to a table. The atmosphere of the café had a village charm, others enjoying their coffee included couples and hikers. And I particularly liked the seating, it had a character of its own.

The waitress allowed us to ponder over the menu, but as she stood by the table, I thought I’d quiz her knowledge of the menu. She seemed to know her stuff. But little I knew she wasn’t the brightest match in the box. I asked if whether the pizza will be enough for the two of us, we were told it would be enough just for one. And likewise with the wedges portion that came with the burger, we were told, you won’t need another portion. But, when the food was served, the pizza was 12 inches (enough for 3!) and there were 3 wedges! 3!

To our confusion, we decided to just ignore it. The other waitress, who hadn’t directly served us, was asked by a mother whether they had any soft foods for her baby, for which she was given pitta bread. Even after the mother reiterated the baby has no teeth, the waitress was adamant and just walked away. At this point I realised we were being served by dumb and dumber, but that didn’t matter. The service with a smile showed their innocence.

‘I’ve been to The Veggie many times. Food is lovely and the vibe is warm and welcoming. It’s a cosy café style place, rather than restaurant.’


We ordered a Vegetarian pizza, a bean burger meal and some pitta bread with humus. It must be said the food was plated very well, for a meat lover, vegetarian food isn’t always number one for me, but the food looked exquisite and yummy!

The pizza, stone baked to perfection was delicious, never have I enjoyed a Margarita with sweet corn so much, however the bean burger, although presented well, was very dry and tasteless. The meal came with complementary salad, which was in fact the most delicious ‘dish’ on the table. I’m sure that’s not what the chef intended.

To finish off, we ordered tea. The waitress helpfully gave us 2 cups for one pot of tea and the home made cheesecake was superb.

‘The staff seemed to be disorganised – it took a while for a coffee, a tea and two pieces of cake to arrive, and it all arrived at different times, but the cafe is nicely decorated, has big windows onto the street, and has local artwork on the walls.’


As noted, the staff were pleasant however slightly ditzy. We were only given one set of knife and fork. But, we enjoyed a good attentive service.

So here is the verdict: The Veggie has been in the heart of Ilkley for many years and is a true gem, If you can ignore the minor blips, you’ll definitely enjoy a lovely afternoon in a cosy café.


Pizza, Salad and Cake tasted nice

Free wifi 

Lively atmosphere and environment  


Less Variety


Pricey for every day outing

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