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p style=”text-align: center;”>Mental illness is often invisible. Do you ever wonder what it may feel like?
The stigma needs to stop.

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I recently went to a mental health workshop. Is really important to me since my grandfather is suffering from depression and Alzheimer, so I contacted HCA who offers dementia & Alzheimers caregiving services. Many of us either deny or ignore the existence of mental illness. But the truth is, it exists. For instance, some children have adhd. Fortunately, has treatment and advice on how to properly handle adhd in children. We all have physical health, whether it’s a broken limb or the common cold, and likewise we all have mental health. It is reported 1 in 4 people suffer from some form of Mental Illness, with the most common being depression and anxiety.  50% of people develop some form of illness by the age of 14 but that does not mean you can’t develop something later in life. TMS therapy Los Angeles is aimed to help those who want to get over depression offering exceptional patient care. 

We eat fruit, drink water, and exercise regularly to keep our physical bodies intact, here are 5 ways to maintain a healthy well-being:

  • Connections (As humans we need to feel close and valued)
  • Be active – Walks in park, kayaking, horse riding
  • Take notice – Be present – No phones, no texting, talk in person, appreciate people
  • Learn – Continued learning keeps the mind active
  • Give – Get involved in community work

Otherwise, you may know someone who suffers from a mental illness, the Mental Health First Aid charity Provides this 5 step action plan:

  1. Ask good quality questions that are timed and relevant to assess risk of harm
  2. Listen non-judgmentally
  3. Give reassurance (Stats, Philosophically, Solutions available)
  4. Encourage appropriate professional help – (HELP Charity, Rethink Charity)
  5. Encourage self-help and other support strategies

One of the most helpful ways you can help someone suffering is by smiling, a simple non-judgmental sincere smile can light up a person inside, often such emotional contentment leads to a road of recovery.

This link provides recognised Mental Health illnesses – A to Z Mental Health

14 thoughts on “Mental Illness in Pictures

  1. At the beginning of the year I stopped taking my medication completely. This wasn’t a spur of the moment decision I had been wanting to stop taking it for a while. So 10 weeks leading up to completely stopping, I began to gradually ween myself off the medication by lowering the dose every few weeks. My original plan was to stop my medication with the help of my Pdr. However, no one returned my phone calls regarding this matter. Everything seemed to be going well. I completed university, joined the gym, was working full time and was dating. It just felt good to be functioning at a good level. Well until 3 weeks ago. I went abroad for a week which was lovely. A few days after I returned home my mood began to drop. I stopped going out, stopped going to work, slept for 12-16 hours a day, started reliving traumas in my dreams (nightmares), crying and having panic attacks. Not only this but I began to become suspicious of my best friend. I believed she was conspiring against me, lying to me and disrespecting me. I ended up not talking to her. She has access to my doctors records just in case i become unwell. I became paranoid and phoned my Dr’s surgery asking them to remove her name so she no longer has access. I believed she would phone my Dr and make out I was behaving crazy. I was even making plans to change my phone number, deactivate my facebook so she could not access me. I phoned a helpline and they helped me see a bit of clarity with the situation. This was my best friend, we have known each other for 17 years, what was the likelihood she would set out to harm me in anyway whatsoever.
    I have made the conscious effort to try and be as normal as possible. So i forced myself to go to my local shopping centre a few days ago. I lost my bank card. So i had to go into the bank to withdraw money over the counter. Whilst the cashier was checking my I.D. I was bombarded with paranoid thoughts that she may not believe that I am the person on my I.D, then I began to get panicky over being able to sign my signature correctly.

    Now for the past 3 nights I have had hardly any sleep. I have been going out, drinking, dancing, socializing. A dramatic change from a few days ago. I suddenly have more energy, I’ve been laughing to myself, I feel as if I am disconnected from this world….like i know I’m here. But its like I’m in my world….and when i realise im laughing out loud to myself in public….I’m like oh shit I need to compose myself and behave normal. I’m still paranoid, I’m anxious around people and the most ridiculous thoughts just pop into my head and i end up debating with myself weather they could be true….or not. I was so paranoid the other night I thought I had to touch my limbs in a particular away or else something bad would happen. I didn’t know what but I was terrified. I stood in the same spot for at least an hour doing this.

    I don’t want to burden my friends or my best friend because they all seem to be going through the trails and tribulations of life at the moment. I’m scared and I feel alone in this.

  2. It might be helpful here to separate out underlying mental health issues from work related stress. In suggesting that I don’t in any way mean to downplay how very destructive the latter can be. I’m bipolar, and have been diagnosed with two other related illnesses. I’ve never found it difficult to discuss this in any university I’ve worked in, and have encountered no hindrance. When I raised the issue prior to becoming head of department I was immediately offered any necessary support.

  3. I’m really worried about my 18 year old son, he’s been having some clear mental health problems but refuses to get help. He’s attempted suicide 3 times in the past 4 years and been hospitalised twice for them but was let go both times because of bed shortages. He’s also a frequent self harmer. I thought it was depression but recently he’s developed signs of something more. I’ll give you examples –

    – Very, very paranoid. He won’t let anyone make him a drink or his dinner cause he’s scared we’ll put something in it. I’m his father, I wouldn’t do that but he still doesn’t trust me. Also he’s put stickers over all the cameras on his phone, iPad, laptop because he thinks he’s being spied on. He also has a list of things which he has to repeat multiple times a day, he thinks if he doesn’t say these things then ‘something bad’ will happen. I could give a hundred more examples of his paranoia.

    – He also does this thing where he’ll be fine then he stops what he’s doing and closes his eyes, puts his hands on his head and pauses the TV and tells everyone to be quiet. He mumbles but I can’t hear what he’s saying, it’s like he’s talking to his head which is scary if he’s hearing voices. This last for a few minutes then it’s back to normal like nothing happened. He’s says he just needed silence to think. He also paces a lot, walking back and forth his bedroom with his eyes closed and mumbling, again it’s like he’s talking to his head.

    – He used to be a social guy with lots of friends. Now, he doesn’t go out, he doesn’t speak to anyone. He doesn’t have a job so just sits in his bedroom all day. I try to get him out and about but he just doesn’t want to. He has no motivation. We also used to be really close but he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore or spent any time with me and his brothers.

    It’s in my gut there’s something seriously wrong here, it’s not ‘just’ depression. I’ve looked online and I’ve seen bipolar, schizophrenia, personality disorders which is scary but we can get through that if that’s the case. I want to take him to the doctor but he’s very quick to anger when I suggest there’s something wrong.

    What can I do to help him? I was thinking about calling the hospital he was in or even the police to see if they could detain him under the Mental Health Act but I fear he’ll never trust me again and I’m scared he’ll do something stupid but that feels like the only option. I’m desperate

  4. Hi I just can’t get out of bed so scared I had to call in sick at college. I’m in a stuck dead end apprenticeship and I just don’t want to go back my manager was so rude to me.I’ve started doing these observations and hafnt done some this week because I done loads and hadbt been given feedback.on what I had done my manage r goes to.Mr have you done ant lately and I said no she shouted as t me you better do.some more or it give you all the nappies to do even soiled ones than she had a go at me fo r not being observant enough when a child hurt there finger which I was trying to and there were too many children for me to control.and just has a me picking on me saying I.nerf to be more observant and keeps putting MD in the garden evert afternoon while everyone else gets to stay in side and in lunch club all the time I’ve had enough its like I’m not beu g appreciated and I feel so scared I can’t get up.I don’t know what I’ve put my phone on flight mode so they can’t contact me no one can

  5. Hello! I am a 27 yo female. I am a stay at home mom with 2 wonderful boys. A year and a half ago I had to take custody of my young sister from my drug-sick mother. I’ve been diagnosed bipolar 2 but have had other doctors question that diagnosis. I had a rough childhood. I’ve done amazing in life for what I’ve been dealt – until recently. 5 months ago I drove 800 miles to take my brother to college. During this trip my two boys were flying with their grandmother across the country for 10 days. While on this road trip I got stuck in a 3 hour traffic jam in downtown San Francisco. It was hell. The next day, I literally could not drive without starting to go numb in the hands and feet and feeling like I was going to faint. I couldn’t make it home and had to be rescued by my husband who was not on this trip. Since returning home I fear going into public. I do good with car rides her or there but can’t actually go inside anywhere – and this is so very unlike me. I’ve always been spontaneous and adventurous. Anyways – I just don’t understand what’s happening or why it’s happening. Any insight or related stories would be calming. Thank you so much!

  6. I was once a very adventurous and carefree person, had a very stable job, but early this year everything started going south.

    I began having irrational fears, and physical symptoms with them. I went to a therapist and have been under some medication for almost three months now. I havent significantly left the house for that time too thinking panic attacks will happen, and when i do, these attacks do happen and they are terrifying! I feel depressed too because i cant do the things i used to enjoy because of fear of dying.

  7. Its just a kick in the fucking head. I go to sleep or take a nap only to have the last part of my dream include a voice, & it was my aunties. First off i don’t give a shit who it is cause they all could go somewhere but foreal.. even in my dreams i can’t escape this bullshit. It was loud as hell too, & this was right before i woke up, kinda fucked off all those Zs i just got.. Is there no Guidebook to the “special order”, has anybody with this stupid fucking thing actually met another person who said “yeah i can hear you!” .. or all these ppl just hush hush about it.. I believe if it is “hush hush” than we need to examine why, but fuck that, send me a post card & the invitation to meditate in the mountains w/ the bald guys cause this shit ain’t working. I mean that’s the main question really, HAS ANYBODY ACTUALLY MET WITH ONE OF THEIR VOICES & SPOKE TO EACH OTHER, FACE TO FACE ABOUT WHATS GOING ON. & none of this “oh well there is ppl out there blah blah, oh well its possible blah blah..” i’m just pissed right now.. its a bitch cause really i believe Subvocalization is key, stop that & you’ll be okay… Sure, but now i realize every time i read i hear myself, when i listen to music, i SING to myself. Oh & they say if you read & don’t hear yourself speak in your head its an illness as well, wtf? .. everything is a damn illness its so damn ridiculous. Also, when i began to hear something i feel a presence, as if somebody walked into the room. Yesterday i’m in the zone, voicing my thoughts in my head to a bare minimum, playing borderlands, i mean doing it. Than i feel it, ofc when this happens i have to prepare myself not to react with words so i spit out the occasional bullshit to satisfy my tick than go back to “control” … but it dawns on me, this will always be out of my control.. these fuckers will always be able to tap in & open the top of my brain, look in, & leave.. bullshit. Ugh..

  8. I told my doctor that I had been hearing voices for about 4 months and he said not to worry about it, He did nothing, that’s it. I’m happy in one way as I was concerned that he may send me to hospital but I thought he would be as concerned as I was. I’m going to do everything I can to research the condition and watch as many YouTube videos as I can and I’m not going to worry about it anymore. ?

  9. I really am just reaching out to people in a similar situation. My boyfriend of 18 months who I have known for much longer suffers with Anxiety and depression, I knew this when we got together but was not aware of the true extent of his struggle. He is medicated and has been diagnosed for over 15 years. He Is 30 I am 26. His struggle stems from deep routed feelings of worthlessness and self doubt and never feels good enough. This has lead to two failed university degrees that he didn’t finish and been unable to stay in employment due to anxiety over not doing the job well enough ect. He is now having cbt. Which we all hope will help. He does amazingly all things considered and I’m proud of him for many things and love him very much. We have a strong relationship.

    My struggle now. Is he is turning 31. He lives with his parents has no money to his name and no idea on the area of employment he wants. So he avoids dealing with the problem as he would do with his condition. As you all know asking him about it causes further anxiety so it’s buried over and over again. I’m starting to worry about our future. I really can not express how much I love him and how willing to support him I am. But a part of me worries about the fact we will never afford a home together, even renting on my income alone is difficult I have my own flat at the moment but he won’t move in as his parents home where he currently lives is his comfort blanket and he dosnt think he will cope well in my flat ( alarm bells ring for me here too! Does this mean my already 30 year old boyfriend will never move out from his parents home!) so will we never marry? It certainly looks like we will never afford to have children!

    Part of my problem I feel is iv always been a hard worker had a job since I was 12, went to university and worked my heart out and I’m in a career I love. I really struggle, even when I know it stems from emotions out of his control, With the fact he seems Un aware thst by not working he is taking away our opertunities for the future. I know if I mention this fact it will make him worse abd I know that he looks like he dosnt care on the days he is caring the most and that’s why he dosnt get up until 3 or answer any emails or text ect ect.

    I just want to speak to people who understand. My family know of his struggles as I wanted to be honest with them however my family don’t really ‘belive in depression’ they are very much get up and get on with it and provide for your family. Iv pointed them to resources explaining that my boyfriend isn’t lazy it’s a medical condition but this makes them even more set on the idea I’m throwing my life away by staying with him. This is a battle I face whenever I see my family and I’m finding it hard to keep myself positive.

    I know my boyfriend is trying to get better and just getting out of bed is a battle won. Although I do feel he could try harder to find employment, he seems to think it will fall in his lap and is oblivious, I think to the knock on effect of not having worked for 30 years!

    I’m hoping the cbt will help but it’s such a long process.

    When he is having off days I don’t hear from him all day. And when I do he never asks about my day or how I am. I find this hard and insulting and rather selfish of him too!

    Has anyone got any words of wisdom to keep my spirits up?

  10. Its really starting to bug me that no one ever asks me how I am… Yea I’m great thanks!! My partner is a schizophrenic, who by the way has been pacing about all day and wont get his meds for his restlessness and its driving me crazy, I have a baby my anxiety is through the roof just now and I don’t sleep,,, but trying to explain to someone all this is like just speaking to a brick wall. So I’ll take that back and tell everyone “yea I’m fine thanks”

  11. I live alone and can no longer predict my highs or lows. I also feel like I’ve lost my empathy and my pacients and found my self snapping at friends children etc. Just wondering if anyone else who lives on there own finds this too

  12. No idea why I do. My hubby is gone for the day ice fishing and so me and the kids are home. They have played games, watched tv, played in the snow. They are health and well adjusted. I look at them and my hubby and I know that I have many reasons to NOT hate myself.

    In my head I see the good job I am doing. In my head I see the positives. but when it comes right down to it and I look inside well…I hate me.

    sucks because I can’t get the truth of my reality into the part of my brain that makes me actually believe it.

    maybe that is weird. My psychiatrist told me often that it isn’t common to experience the things I experience and still have the insight of reality by which is compare the depressive thoughts with.

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