Mumtaz Chandelier

Written by Kashif Hussain


Date Visited: 28/05/2016
Location: Leeds, LS10 1PJ
Average Price: Meal for two – £35 Approx



The Mumtaz franchise has expanded over the last few years, but sadly it’s only the Bradford restaurant that is doing well. The brand Jaldi Jaldi failed miserably with their pre-heated food and the current establishment ‘The Chandelier’ seems to be heading in a similar way.

The restaurant is located on a river bank and is a delight to walk in too. Mumtaz have carefully attempted to raise their standards, from velvet couches to chandeliers but on second inspection, the restaurant is actually themed like a bedroom, especially the wallpaper. But unlike a bedroom, the main eating area is big, empty and cold. Still you’re welcomed in with subtle music from a pianist, it’s just a shame he is a student. Terrible!

As you take a seat, the furniture is royal in its essence, the view to the right is scenic and the cutlery is first-class. We were greeted by a waiter which was pleasant but then asked for our order, I replied, ‘But we’ve only sat down?’, and to his amazement, he replied, ‘Oh’, and then awkwardly smiled and pretended to look busy. I presumed it’s part of the training.

“Cold draft coming in no matter where you sit, several flickering lights, bad service, toilets falling apart”


When we finally did order and were served 20 minutes later, the food was well plated, and the curries came on a heated stove. I liked the idea of food off-the-hob, but infact it tasted warmed up. Rubbery chicken and rock hard naan. Usually with fresh food comes an aroma, but sadly the food was as bland as it smelt.

Salad plates were first placed, just the one for a family of 10, as I requested for one more,  my sister noticed the yellowing of the cucumber. Before I could even enquire, we were told ‘you should have come earlier’, to which I replied, ‘So you either come in earlier or you’re given a plate of left over salad?’ I asked for the manager and only then a fresh plate of salad was served.

The starters were such a small portion but costed dearly. And with the Mango Lassi at 10 pound a jug, I could see the bill mounting. The lassi was plain yogurt with a slight hint of mango and 6 spoons of sugar. At this point, we started to realise the chairs are actually uncomfortbale, and the seating arrangements were cramped. We tried the following curries: Lamb Karahi, Chicken Karahi, Chicken Jalfrezi, Lamb Dhansak and Dhaal. All the lamb dishes tasted the same. and All the chicken dishes tasted the same. Infact I don’t think they were too much different.

Overall, the meal wasn’t the best but I can’t say it was completely unpleasant either. We skipped dessert in favour of Krispe Kreme Donuts.


It was the manager who took our order since the waiter had made a disappearance act, and he was well aware for the various dishes. This was a thumbs up from me as I like staff who know their food. The manager was attentive at all times and on the ball but the staff were slow and confused. In a restaurnat with maybe 20 tables, only 3 or 4 waiters could be seen and to top it up, every waiter approached our table every five minutes to ask if everything was alright. There clearly are logistic problems.

‘..our main meal came after numerous reminders, 1 hr 45 minutes after the starter!! I dared to complain to the woman manager who couldn’t understand my grievance! Eventually she said “just stop arguing and eat your food! I am the manager and Im telling you our service isn’t poor!
We left at that point.’

Finally, to seal the nail in the coffin, the bill was extortionate, I’ve eaten in central London for cheaper than this, so was rather shocked. Considering we did not order any alcohol, the final bill came to £180; For a family of 10 who eat healthily that is fairly pricey.

So here is the verdict: Mumtaz has a lovely location and much potential, I highly recommend a SWOT analysis.

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Seating arrangement

Mango Lassi


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