Buffalo Grill

Written by Kashif Hussain


Date Visited: 06/11/2015
Location: Bradford,  BD1 2DG
Average Price: Meal for two – £45 Approx





Buffalo Grill is the new favourite in Bradford, with many people rating it 5 stars, I went along with some work colleagues to get a taste of some of their ‘juicy’ food. The manager Irfan Bham explains that every item on the menu has been individually crafted to bring a whole new taste sensation to the city centre. Time to put it to the test.

As you park up round the back in a somewhat rat infested car park, your taste buds are already distasteful. But when you walk in, you feel the lively ambiance. The staff are pleasant, the temperature is good, the music is subtle, the furniture is quality and the interior design is ace. I can see that the colour scheme was well thought-out. Buffalo Grill have spent quite the dime on the perfect set of knives and forks, they fit in to the hands well. The only down fall I noticed is that it was discerning to see the disabled toilets used as a storage facility!

‘From tender steaks to fresh fish dishes, flame-grilled chicken to revitalising salads, there is something for every taste and preference at Buffalo Grill.’


My first enquiry was about the buffalo, initially I thought, it’s called Buffalo Grill, so they must specialise in Buffalo grill? But to my dissatisfaction, its just a name. It turns out it’s a bog standard place with a ‘twist’. We were then shown to our table of 8 and promptly given the menu but before we could decide, an unusual quirky waiter popped up. I reminded him the menu is quite ambiguous so if you give me a second please, but he was persistent. It was frustrating to know some of the items on the menu were unavailable too but the staff cleared any issues regarding it.

When the food arrived, the dishes appeared appetising, full of colour and life; the steaks looked big and juicy. The biggest downfall was that the food was not served hot or sizzling, it was warmish. The 8oz steak was basically bone, and the lamb chops too. A portion of five went down in a second, either they were delicious or very minimal.  And I’m still contemplating whether it was lamb or sheep.  The chips did not taste fresh and portions were tiny; 10 chips for £2. Another common concern was that the food was very bland, it didn’t have to be spicy Indian but the lack of flavour didn’t do justice to the acclaimed Caribbean twist on the menus.

‘Good place, great food, beware the burgers are extremely small, quite pricey’


The waiters were very approachable and I noticed that they were very courteous to those around us too. I liked that the staff were on their feet and well managed. But we did wait  about 15 minutes for the food to arrive, that was pretty quick. And everything was served all together. If you’re out with friends, you need more time to engage in banter.

So here is the verdict: Buffalo Grill has a lovely atmosphere and the service is lovely, but the menu needs to be worked on. Make sure the food is hot, fresh and spicy!


Friendly and Fast service

Overall well cooked and unique food

Lively background chatter  


Food is bland, not spicy or Carribean

Food was warm, not hot

Pricey for families, restricted for working people earning over £20k


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