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Written by Kashif Hussain


Date Visited: 09/08/2015
Location: Bradford,  BD7 1AL
Average Price: Meal for two – £17 Approx



Lahores opened its doors just over a decade ago in Bradford. It aimed to bring forward a fresh and exciting menu; but to date I am still confused to whether it’s a restaurant or an eat-in takeaway. I thought I’d put the newly re-branded Lahores to the test.

As you walk in to the restaurant, there is a sense of uniqueness, the funky decor and branding create a lively atmosphere. Then you’re pleasantly shown to your table, but unfortunately we ended up sitting on a wobbly table, with the staff confused about what to do, I suggested that a bit of paper might do the trick, but that kinda job was above their pay grade.

“Feel of a takeaway, Prices of a restaurant.”

I suppose the temperature was fine but o’ my! Finding the gents wasn’t easy, you’ve got to go up some spiral steps, through 2 eating areas, down some further steps then round the back you’ll find the loo, with no loo roll! When I eventually found my way back to our table, on inspection, the interior did start to feel rigid, everything is angular, Its difficult to get cosey if your back is completely straight. Consider Feng Shui? But overall the restaurant did feel inclusive and private, you can expect most people to mind their own business.


The menu is hugely varied, sometimes it’s not good to cater for all cuisines, especially when it’s all condensed in to a few pages. After all the reading, I decided to go for a chicken fillet burger + fries for £4.45 plus coke at £1.50, a bit much for a standard burger. At least the coke was original, the distinctive taste of imported coke is very bleurgh. The burger was edible, but the base was very soggy, you could tell lettuce was added without being drained. They also decided to go for the Warbutons rolls instead of the tradition sesame burger bun. The chap sat across me ordered a steak, but it looked like more of a flattened seekh kebab. Minor flaws can be costly!

“I had a chargrilled burger and wedges , half the wedges were cold like they were left overs from someone else.”

The food was nicely presented though, I’m a fan of solid cutlery with a good grip so well done on that. Aside from the slight hiccups; the ingredients and methods of cooking have definitely been tried and tested. Lasagna seems to be the trademark item for students. But the main disappointment for most is the rice and curries, they are oily and taste the same, for someone with Asian roots, spices are a must! It begs the question whether the food is credible or not. Most Italian foods require a good recipe, it’s not difficult to make lasagna but its another story when dealing with curries, they require the correct amount of TLC. It seems like since the refurbishment, standards have dropped. The other side to Lahores is the milkshakes and smoothies, we ended the night with Milkshakes. Very pleasing.


The service was pretty much up to scratch; approachable waiters and always smiling. It was a quiet night to be fair but its good to be served by trained staff. I didn’t have much to test, so I thought I’d compliment the staff, unfortunately, it left the waitresses blushing. All banter. I asked one of the guys about the meat, he was left confused. We ended the night paying our bill promptly and were offered complementary lollies.

So here is the verdict: Aside from slight hiccups, Lahores are starting to pick up as a serious competitor. They seem to tick the boxes, now its for them to retain the quality!


Friendly and Fast service

Lovely food

Lively background chatter  



Rigid Seating


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