Sweet Centre Cafe

Written by Kashif Hussain


Date Visited: 05/03/2015
Location: Bradford, BD8 7RS
Website: none
Average Price: Meal for two – £10 Approx

Sweet Centre is a well known cafe situated just out side the city centre in Bradford- across a once-booming mill. It recently celebrated 50 years of opening, and is known for two of its trademark products; Cholay Puri for Breakfast and its Meat Samosas. It’s probably one of the oldest Asian cafes in Bradford and I must say truly fabulous, though it is normally full of taxi drivers!

The restaurant is moderately busy at all times so when you walk in you’re greeted with an implied ‘come join us’. It has recently been refurbished and money definitely wasn’t spent; the furniture is tacky. I’m assuming an interior designer wasn’t contracted for the re-branding, they have gone with a black and cream theme. A distasteful combination for a local cafe. It used to have a cosey red feeling, now you feel like your in a kitchen showroom. 

Though, it does still have the Asian touch and everyone does mind their own business. The bar area is great for those wanting a quick bite to eat; or especially if they’re alone. Across the far wall there is a dubious picture of the Queen, you wonder whether they are patriots or it’s good PR? One final issue that draws away a decent atmosphere is, it is a very messy cafe, I wouldn’t say they’re unhygienic but hire a maid! This review is not to be confused with Sweet Centre Restaurant which is next door, after a family feud, the original brothers split up but recipes stayed.


Ultimately it’s the food that brings customers back to the Cafe, the food is really delicious. The curries are made by traditional pure Pakistani chefs, the right amount of chillis, masala and corriander! And it goes without saying, the chutney is somewhat iconic; some customers come in just to ooze the aroma.

I love waking up on a Sunday morning with sight of Cholay Puri on the breakfast table. The combination of this heavenly breakfast always hits the spot. And for the odd-day out, its always a treat stopping by at Sweet Centre to buy a couple of Samosas; perfectly baked pastry and an enticing keema stuffed filling.

But do note, the food can be very oily! Another problem I have with the food is that at times it tastes heated up, Sweet Centre need to realise that Microwave piping hot is different from off-the-hob hot. and on a bad day the seekh kebabs taste like hard rubber; they’ll be hesitant in returning your money. The concept of customer service is not existent.


The service at Sweet Centre is reasonable but after being open for 50 years, you’d expect a higher standard of the English Language, but the poor souls only speak in one syllable. As I said the place is hygienic but it can be discerning knowing the fellas don’t wear gloves when handling food, how do we know they haven’t been picking their buggers. The plates are clean 8/10 times.

The staff will provide you with complementary chutney, tap water and a golden smile. And it’s funny to observe the staff when a woman walks in, the staff get all shy and red.

“shaami kebabs had all been pre-cooked (several days before?) and reheated …don’t waste your time visiting somewhere living on past glories.”

So here is the verdict. Sweet Centre has existed long enough to be recognised as a classic restaurant, but the way they are heading with the lack of effort, customers will look for an alternative.



Traditional Recipes




No proper communication 

Pre-heated food at times 

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