Anams Restaurant

Written by Kashif Hussain

Date Visited: 12/09/2014
Location: Bradford, BD7 1RP
Average Price: Meal for two – £25 Approx



Anams restaurant opened officially in 2003 but claims its Kashmiri cuisine style dates back to 1958. The main difference between a Kashimiri curry and an Indian curry lies in the richness of the ingredients. Indian currys can be very strong in flavour but Kashmiri curries focus on minimising the ingredients and balancing out strong flavours. The restaurant is located on Great Horton Road in Bradford which is a very popular area for Asian dining. This was my 8th visit to the restaurant and I could see exactly where it’s heading.

“If you’re after a quiet meal for two, look elsewhere, this is not fine dining. More a family affair, with children running around. Think McDonalds.” Pschie, Bradford

As soon as you walk in, the first thought that runs through your mind is that the hinges on the doors need tightening. But once you’re in, you walk in to a spacious lobby area with a fabulous mixture of traditional Mughal architecture and Art Deco. The furniture is placed in the right places and is of high quality; the restaurant really does look elegant. To the right hand side there is an obscure eating area, which is inclusive yet separate. One notable feature is the water feature that runs through the restaurant. Its always a treat to watch the fish go by but recently, there has been less fish. I dread to think that the chef panicked one day and fried goldfish for customers! 

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When you enter the restaurant area, there’s a great big hall with subtle music playing in the background. In the distance there’s always a couple waiting for service, you turn to find a waiter so you can be seated, but no staff are to be seen. You’d expect a manager to be present all times, however they prefer you to shout out for one. There are stairs that lead to a balcony eating area that over looks the main hall and a conservatory area designed for parties. There is also a stage area for weddings, it really does add to the atmosphere. But mostly, once the thrill is over, it feels like a big empty hall and people are yet again looking for things to do in Turks and Caicos  .

Once seated, you can feel the quality of the furniture, everything is branded but not overly. You only hope the food is as good as the decor.


I’ve tried the food on many occasions, both standard and buffet. The first reaction you get from any customer is whether the food has been heated up. It lacks the fresh feeling, you really consider whether it’s last nights food. And there’s no real strong smell of the flavours. I want the flavours to fill my airwaves before I eat it, surely.

Anams opened all those years ago with great food, authentic biryanis, payas and gajreilas (some of the more esoteric Pakistani food, not very well known to the average British punter). It now lacks the same great taste, however I must say the food is still tasty, it’s edible and you won’t stop yourself from getting seconds! I don’t recommend the kebabs tho, you are sure to wake up either with gas or diarrhoea.

If you’re going for a buffet there’s a wide selection of starters, mains and desserts and they cater for various diets. There’s a bit of an Italian and Chinese cuisine too and I don’t think I’ve seen a salad range like Anams, plenty of choice! If you’re ordering off the menu, the taste is considerably better but you still doubt its freshness. Once served, the presentation of the food is decent, and so are the prices. I think one thing that draws customers back to Anams is that the food is very filling.


The tables are pretty clean, but due to the restaurant area being big, customers sit wherever they like, so its difficult to get the attention of waiters. The service of the food is pretty slow too, even when it’s dead! The buffet is the USP for Anams, it does seem that, the staff are focused on topping the fries bowl and forgetting those who want to choose their own meal.

Most of the staff speak English as a second language which is fine but they don’t seem to understand any of it. They will stare you in the face till you say ‘nevermind.’

So here’s the verdict. Anams is elegant from the inside, which is half the job of a good restaurant but the food is really poor. It has so much potential to do better, either the chef or the ingredients need to change. No one wants to return to a restaurant after having been on the shitter all night.


Atmosphere (Private) 

Spacious (Good for parties) 

Variety in food 


Yesterdays food 

Upset stomach 

Boring staff 

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