How to Make the Best Tea

Best tea-bagged tea ever

Looking to impress someone with your tea making skills? Follow these steps in order to rustle up the perfect cup of tea:

  1. Make sure the kettle is clean; no limescale or debris.
  2. In order to draw the best flavour out of the tea, the water must contain oxygen, so avoid using stale water or re-boil any water for that matter.
  3. Water which is “off the boil” does not allow the tea to brew properly. So if the kettle goes off before you’re back, switch it back on and pour over the tea bag just at the boil.
  4. The cup? High quality china is your best bet but it really depends on the situation. If you are relaxing or want to sip it whilst working, a mug is desirable as they generally allow tea to stay warm for a longer period. Cups on the other hand, keep the tea piping so wonderful for long convos; its why women love’em!
  5. Brew the tea for three minutes – Let the tea bag float for a minute then stir for another and finally squeeze. Stir once again allowing all the flavour to emanate.
  6. Then add (chilled) milk at the last possible moment but always after removing the tea bag..
  7. Finally add granulated sugar to your taste. Just to let you know there are marginal differences between white and brown so ignore health-freaks. I stick with white..

Scientists have discovered that the key to the best tasting brew is to let it sit for six minutes before drinking. Not only does it avoid scalding but by then it has cooled to 60C, a temperature our taste buds love..

British Tea bags

In Britain we drink a staggering 165 million cups of tea every day.. that’s 3 cups per person everyday. The Queen must be proud!

There is a dissimilitude between the available tea bags so I’ve listed the most popular brands below and also given my opinion on them..

Tetley – For the everyday cup. Morning, Afternoon and Evening.
PG Tips – Alternative taste to Tetley. I still prefer Tetley.
Typhoo – Horrible. Builders love’em though.

Yorkshire Tea – Best for guests.
Twinings – If you’re not into conventional living, then Twinings will rum up them taste buds every time.
So whats your cup of tea?

All in all there is no such thing as the perfect cup of tea – the whole point is that tea is very personal and we all like it differently – strong, weak, in the middle, etc. These days there are far more options than the standard boring low quality teabag and it is easy to get a whole leaf breakfast blend which tastes much better. But you will have to experiment to get it exactly as you like it.

Any tips? Leave your comments below

four teas

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8 thoughts on “How to Make the Best Tea

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  2. I am such a tea snob. I cannot stand anything other than Somali tea, and not any type of Somali tea, the way I make it. You boll hot water in a tea pot, add cardamom and cinnamon sticks (you can add other spices, but for the life of me I cannot think of the English name for one of the spices I love). You then add sugar and when it has properly boiled, your tea bag of choice.

    I know England is famous for its tea but seriously. I sooooo dislike most of the ones I’ve tasted. Lipton is by far the best, popular all over the world except not here, which I find amusing.

    Oh! And I also don’t add milk. It completely ruins the flavor for me.

    cough I did say I was a tea snob.

  3. Very interesting article.

    I love tea, especially green tea. I usually let the tea bag steep between seven and nine minutes.

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