Cause of a Revolution

Cause of a Revolution


This art illustrates my interpretation of revolution or that of evolution.

From left to right, the small yellow squares represent a particular way of life, a system in nature or that of the an institution. The systematical rows of these squares declare a passage of continuous time where not much change is happening. However, on the third row there is a slightly darker yellow coloured square, different from the rest, being very central. Emerging from it, a twinkling sequence that illustrates a sense of power or charisma. This can be reflected as a revolution, a Prophet, a leader or any type of catastrophic event that could trigger or have a tremendous impact on the environment or nature and its surroundings.

At this new eventful period, a multi-coloured strip of material denotes this current period has come to chaos and destruction of the previously unchanged period. The black velvet strip then illustrates a softness and blankness in time where the old is lost in to darkness, there has been a change. The following next multi-coloured strip signifies a new construction of ideas or the construction in environmental or evolutionary change. The white strip then emphasizes a serene new clearer beginning. The next layer of purple shiny blocks are shooting out of, pointing upwards to a higher direction, illustrating progress or a higher form of life or living. There is better civilization.

“Revolution is a trivial shift in the emphasis of suffering.”

In order to keep things cushty, the bigger redder squares illustrate a social order, environmental or any life form that is better off, enjoying ampleness or security. This period then, over time, wears out and is abused. It becomes something of the past. This leads to much confusion over time and finally another revolution.

My illustration of evolutionary or revolutionary change seems to reflect, not that it is cyclic, but more repetitive in terms of destruction and construction leading to a newer better form, aiming to become more successful.

“No advance in wealth, no softening of manners, no reform or revolution has ever brought human equality a millimeter nearer.”

Cause of a Revolution

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