Are Men Superior to Women?

Are men superior to women?

My Top 10 List:

Men are able to sit happily and listen where as women will go on yapping; not being able to stop for more than 10 seconds (otherwise known as verbal diarrhea).

Men are able to drive, manoeuvre, pilot or conduct any vehicle without leaving a mark on the vehicle. Women are not capable of this.

Men do not cry over silly things. Not that we are immune to it but we are able to justify what is worth crying over. If someone has died, yes we will. If the hairdryer is broken, no we will not! Tears of joy/sorrow are not the same as crying so women really are irrational.

Men are able to do much more physically. The house you live in was built by a man. Man is able to provide, protect and maintain you and your household because of being physically stronger.

Men are more creative than women. You can argue, women had no possible chance to advance in the ancient/medieval world. So we said ok and gave you rights. But still, you have produced nothing worth mentioning. In the modern world; The Internet (www), Microsoft, Apple, Google, YouTube, Smart Phones and Hybrid cars are all inventions of men.

Men get on with things and move on, women sit there and moan.

Men are better decision makers. Women are indecisive, to the point they would ring half the world just work out what to cook for dinner!

Men are put down for being shallow or for being sexist however women believe its ok for them to be sexist. Women believe men are pigs who only think about sex.

Men usually have the same hairstyle and dress sense for several years where as women change their wardrobes every other month. Truth is nobody notices you, so dont worry about wearing the same dress twice! On a five day trip, men pack one suitcase. Women need to carry the whole bedroom.

The top chefs around the world are currently men. We are better than you at your own job.

Now you can argue that not all women are like that, but the world is based on statistics. Quite frankly that applies to most women Therefore I conclude by saying Men are superior to women.

And by the way, I am NOT sexist. I love women. In fact I have two girl-friends (they don’t know about each other though).

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2 thoughts on “Are Men Superior to Women?

    1. After all, those strong, clever men come out from women’s womb? Doesn’t matter you are men or women, education and social background determined you who you are.

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