Who am I

Written by me when I was a kid ^_^ Whoami

Im Just Kashif
i live everyday like my last
i’ve learned to accept and forget my past,
i like to run it helps me relieve stress
especially a day before a test,
i am 6’1 which makes me somewhat tall
it means i’m good at basketball,
i believe in God and forgiveness,
i have no regrets in life,
i get rid of any problems that come aside,
i think drugs are stupid,
i’ve never tried them and never will,
i see no point in making yourself ill,
to me poetry is a way to escape with words,
you just need ink, and paper to express what you feel,
whether it was yesterday or today,
you can write about the flowers that bloom in may.
i am an outgoing person,
so that means i am far from shy,
and yes i have goals that reach the sky,
i love making people laugh,and just feel better,
even if they don’t write me a thank you letter
i enjoy any type of weather,
there’s always something to do like run, swim
or be together with family and friends.
here’s many more things about me,
i don’t follow any trends nor i copy others
just ask me a question and you’ll see.

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